Distance D&D

Greetings and Salutations. Um, and hello? Another week, another post. Here we go.

So what have I been up to… uh, yeah, you probably guessed it. Reading! Well, a little of that, only 4 books, and lots and lots of hours on that MMORPG that I keep talking about, Dofus.

You see, apparently if you make enough in game currency you can trade it in for the subscription fee. Well I’m not that good at making money in-game, but my friend apparently is. He was able to gather enough to get myself and Samantha a weeks worth of subscription for us to play the full game. And let me tell you it was a good weekend to do that. Double XP for professions, which I’m apparently obsessed with. Right now I’m just fishing all over the place, and I’m the highest level fisherman in the guild… heh, apparently no one else wanted to fish. I find it relaxing… and I can feed fish to my pet cat… in-game of course. Makes him stronger, and therefore me.

Oh, yeah I edited several chapters of my book this week as well. I’m making my way back. It’s unfortunate that this whole global pandemic has set me back, but I think it has for many of us. I’m just trying to get back to normal as best I can. So I apologize for taking longer at this than I thought I would.

Not much else has been going on. Most of my attention has been taken over by online game-play. Speaking of which, we once more played a bit of D&D these weekend over the Internet. Roll20 and Discord to the rescue. It was all combat, so not much for me to talk about. Mostly my Tabaxi obsessed with killing all things fish related, and just simply fed up with everything attacking. He did suggest burning down the forest where the lumberjacks had been attacked, and simply be done with it. Odd for a druid I suppose, but in his own words, fire is a natural cleanser, and sometimes things need to be purged so life can start again fresh.

This suggestion was not met with much applause by the rest of the party, but our resident dragon man did take it under advisement while burning any monster that attacked us. Which apparently was super effective against these Blight creatures that we found inhabiting the woods.

Eventually we found the supposed source of the problem. A giant tree that apparently spewed blights after consuming whatever living creature was around it. Being the cautious bunch that we are, we attacked at range and easily defeated it, along with the two giant Blights guarding it. That being finished we of course looted the bodies, and found the remains of the poor lumberjacks that had been assumed dead before our venture into the forest.

All that was left to do was distribute the loot, and head back to town. But with the night growing rather late… 3am, heh, we all headed out before we did anything else. And thus another session of distance D&D was finished.

Anyway, that’s all I have for right now. I hope you all have a great week.


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