More Dofus, and a Movie

Salutations friends. Another week has passed, and here I am again.

So, what can I say about the week that I just lived? Well, I continued playing Dofus. I suppose the old addiction is back and well in place. I’m still playing it for free, or unsubscribed as you can with some extreme effort earn enough to pay for the subscription with in game currency. Mostly since last I spoke I’ve been leveling my professions in hopes of doing so, though some professions I’ve been helped along by my friends copious hording.

This is because to grow in power in such activities one must either harvest items, and or make things in the different professions. He gifted myself, and Samantha with items to do so, along with equipment for our levels. This makes running around at our levels much easier, and our ability to defend ourselves or attack different mobs mostly effortless.

In fact just last night/this morning he took me through a dungeon multiple times so that not only could I acquire items needed, but enough spill over for us to give Samantha things she needed to level as well. It didn’t hurt that because we were running together our “prospecting” was higher so he could get things he needed as well, heh. Admittedly he has multiple accounts and could have done it himself, but he was nice enough to drag me along. Though eventually even he grew tired of doing the same thing over and over again, but it was after several hours. Growing tired myself of the repetition I logged out many levels higher. I had burnt out before because of such things, and I’d rather not have that happen again. That would lead me to not playing again, and perhaps for another decade, heh.

But enough about a random game that few of you will play. How about I talk about a movie I watched on one of my breaks between sessions?

Hail to Caesar was wonderful. I hadn’t noticed that it had dropped to Netflix, but Samantha called attention to it last week while I was at work. A short text, and the recollection that it was made by the Coen brothers, and I was sold. It’s filled with an all star cast, such as George Clooney. However what I found amusing was we have both Christopher Lambert and Clancy Brown. Why do I find this so amusing? Well, it’s a Highlander reunion of course. They never share a scene together, but I just looked over to Samantha when I noticed and proclaimed that this was a Highlander movie, laughing the whole time. And not only that, Tilda Swinton was there. My favorite actress by far, and once again she plays twin sisters. She’s done so before. In Okja she was a pair of crazy siblings, and this time it’s no different. Ah, such a wonderful film, and I couldn’t help but profess my love for it even before it was over. If you’ve liked other Coen brother films before, you are in for yet another fun time.

Other than all that, I read only three books this week. I started on a fourth, but as you might be able to guess I was distracted by Dofus. I did get some editing in, and I’m all caught up with where Samantha had gotten through my book. So while things are coming along, there’s not much more for me to do with it until I’m ready to continue where I left on in the story. I have some thoughts, but nothing concrete. So I’ll be waiting until I get back edits for all of what I’ve already written.

And with that, I’ll leave you here. I hope you all have an enjoyable week.


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Update: You Must Be Drunk is published. Find it here. I’m 70% into the new novel’s first draft. Samantha is working on some edits for me, and I was able to edit another chapter based on her suggestions.

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