D&D in Lock-Down

Hello friends. Here it is, another week has gone by.

I’m still in my personal lock-down, but now it’s semi-mandatory. Ah, the sweet smell of home… and nothing else, heh.

Anyway, this weekend I got together with my usual D&D group…. don’t worry, it wasn’t in person. We all got on a voice chat together and attempted to work on our character sheets. Luckily we had some forms to fill out, which made things a bit easier to share back and forth. However, all of this took a little over two hours, even with help.

I find this part of the game the most tedious. Especially when some people in the group want to try and min-max all of us. Now I understand the temptation to make the best character you can, however the fun I think can come from not having a perfect character to play and to just let things happen. Low charisma, well now you are all sorts of socially awkward. Low Strength, welp you aren’t gonna be doing much heavy lifting, and shucks that door is a little too heavy for you to open. That’s fun, and funny.

Filling out paper work isn’t one of the highlights in my life, so just doing it to play a game seems a bit much. However the customization can be quite fun. Making a weird or amusing back-story, and then building your character to reflect that can be amusing, but dang if you don’t have to think about a ton of minutia. And to make it that much more complicated our DM had decided to change the rules slightly from what our manuals say. Hence why we needed a bit of help to set everything up. Now it’s not so far off that we can’t use our character sheets or anything, but it has changed some things. Not that I know the difference, I’m not a rule lord or anything, I’m just here to RP my weird creations and let everyone else tell me if I can do what I want, heh.

Well, for the most part we all got the paper work out of the way. Next will be to figure out how to play long distance… cheaply… or even better free. So far we got the voice part down, so golden. Next I suppose is dice, or a camera where we can all see our throws. A table to lay out encounters would be nice as well.

Now I’ve looked into a few different things, but this was awhile ago before my friends moved a bit closer and we could actually play together on a consistent basis. However, depending on how long we are told to not really go out or things, we may not be able to play in our usual fashion. I’m sure we could rig something up to work, talks of using Minecraft have come up, but I don’t feel it’ll have the same energy. Especially when microphones cut out, or when we talk over each other because of lag or whatnot. D&D VR I SAY. Heh. Or just play some sort of dungeon crawler I guess.

Well, that’s about it for me. Haven’t been too active with anything, been feeling a bit anxious about the future and all. I’m sure you can relate. Motivation has gone way down. I think I need to be more physically active, then I’ll feel better. However I can only play so much of BeatSaber before I get bored. I keep thinking I’m going to draw something, but I just haven’t. I guess I’ll make myself, though my computer is starting to behave poorly. I need a fresh install soon, but that’ll take time as I need to back up my stuff, and I don’t really have a way to do so right now.

Sorry, rambling again. I hope you all have a good week, and try to stay positive. I’m doing my best myself… we’ll see what this week holds.


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