Rambling Perspective of the Night

Hello everyone. Another week has passed, and here I am yet again.

Well, there’s a bit of a quarantine going on these days. For me not much has changed. I don’t say this to brag or belittle the effect on anyone else. I say this because I can empathize.

There is something to working night shift. At least for me. I don’t go out, as anything that I’d want to do traditionally is a day thing. Hiking, shopping, heck even going out to eat at a restaurant that serves your favorite food. While we can still go out for a walk, it’s been recommended not to even leave our homes unless absolutely necessary. Restaurants are closing, stores are running short on supplies… so I’m told, though from others I’ve been informed that’s not true.

This is why I’ll talk a bit about what it’s like to be cut off from the world. I suppose self-imposed as I’m introverted, and also very tired when the sun shines and most things are open. You can feel isolated and alone when you can’t go out and socialize. Little things like someone saying hi are huge when they should be just a simple greeting. So make sure when you are around others to enjoy it, and greet them as well. If you live with someone take time and talk with them. See how they are doing. If you don’t, well we can communicate via the Internet or phone these days, so don’t be a stranger and talk with your friends and family.

And let’s talk about boredom. When you can’t do many things, you can become stuck in a rut. Everyday becomes the same, and eventually distractions like reading, or watching movies or TV shows just won’t cut it. But, it also can mean you have a lot of time to play with. Now this can drown you in choice. Choosing an activity or such to explore can be difficult. There are so many things you can do. I tend to go towards the creative ones, such as writing. Though I find just zoning out while I’m drawing and listening to strange music can really eat up the time. That’s me though, and perhaps there are other things you’d like to do.

Exercise can be difficult in the home, but it also can offer benefits. It can really help shake the blues if you can get your heart rate going. I like Beat Saber for that personally, though I still get plenty of walking done when I go to work. In the end though, focus on one thing at a time. Don’t worry about what comes next, just pick something and do it. If it doesn’t satisfy you, then move on to another thing. Though I say find something that excites you, or that you love to do even when you don’t usually have the time.

And remember, fear is the mind killer. Panic, stress, loneliness, boredom, these things can eat at you. They don’t help if you stew on them overlong. Talk to people. Conversation can really help. Luckily I have a few people I can rely on if I really need to talk to someone, though usually when I’m awake most people are asleep, and yet I still can rely on someone to be awake when I’m through the night. At one point I would recommend chat rooms, or forums if you don’t happen to have anyone else, but I’m unsure what the climate of conversation is at the moment. You don’t want to just be reading more and more panic inducing words if that’s what is going on there.

There comes a point, at least there was for me, when silence, the silence of being truly alone in the world, becomes a comfort. Quiet is peaceful. When the world is still, and all around the only thing you can hear is the hum of a furnace, the hiss of a/c, or just your own breath. That can drive you mad at first. At that point, when you can stand it no longer, music or podcasts can help. Hearing people talking or singing, even if you can’t join in with them can really alleviate some loneliness.

But all of this is just from my perspective. Perhaps some of you will not suffer anything like this, or perhaps this will all blow over relatively quickly. Or perhaps it’s not as bad as it’s being reported. I can’t say. I’m in an isolation of my own making. What I know of the daylight world is through others, and I get conflicting perspectives. But even if it is bad, and you must stay home, don’t let it make you suffer. Let your time away become an occasion to explore your self. Be creative, or be active, but do not let yourself stagnate in idleness. When not moving or doing that is when depression can get you. So outrun it, heh, and get something done you’ve always wanted to. Starting something new can be hard, but the rewards are profound.

With that as my rambling blog post, I’m done for now. I do hope you all have an enjoyable week, whatever it is you do.


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