End of a D&D Campaign

Howdy y’all. Back again, and things to say.

So just to start, only read the four books this time since last week. Better than two, right? These were ones that I just couldn’t put off or down, so I assume that’s why they were finished. Otherwise it might have just been the two again.

Welp, I suppose it’s time to tell you about the end of part 1 of our campaign.

First I need to mention I did forget something from our last adventure. Our elven mage had sent her familiar, a cat, imbued with acid, down to see about finishing off the orcs underground after we trapped them. It didn’t get them all, but it certainly did some damage before it finally was overwhelmed and destroyed.

Anyhoo, after we had left we had seen a dragon. It apparently attacked the town we’d been staying in, and the smoke filled the sky as it zoomed back overhead towards its home.

At this point we started our session again. This time we had two more players with us, and they rolled up a couple of characters. A human artificer, and his guard, a tabaxi barbarian. We ran into them on the way to town, with the artificer’s little metal hippo following along.

After my bard(gnome) decided he liked the look of the tabaxi and began ruthlessly hitting on her, much to her displeasure, we finally made it back into town. Devastation and smoldering smoke abound. Many guards had died, and many more were injured. Seeing a particularly well armored guard(dead), my gnome decided his name was Jim, and rushed forward to bemoan his loss. He was told it was not in fact Jim, but a guard named Frank. Appearing surprised, he bemoaned not knowing him better, all the while frisking the dead man for any items he might steal. Luck was with the bard, and he got away with a ring and some gold.

At this point the party split, the two newbies went off the the bar, to deliver illegal goods that were hidden in the artificer’s hippo. While that was going on we were informed that Anders the mayor and elven mage of the town had gone to face off against the dragon to make sure the town wasn’t attacked again.

We were asked to go and assist in the dragon’s defeat. Eventually, after some convincing, we added the two new players to our group and went off to track down Anders. Finding footprints, we followed until we saw an Ettin. Instead of fighting it, the artificer sent his metal hippo off to run past it, leading it towards the dragon.

After a time we made our way to the dragon’s lair. It was sitting there, after an apparently running the ettin off. However off to the side we spotted Anders preparing spells for his coming battle.

Instead of rushing to his side, we waited until he began his attack. Watching the exchange between the powerful mage and mighty dragon, we noted how evenly matched they were. All of us apparently growing bored, decided we might as well attack, so we did.

Rolling extremely well, 20’s, our Firbolg and new Tabaxi got two attacks in before the rest of us. At first the Firbolg used shatter, and it did some damage, but his second time he critted amazingly well and knocked off a fair amount of hp from the dragon, which Anders looked impressed by. However the tabaxi threw her javelin and missed.

At this point bardy mcbardenson mocked the dragon, doing some damage, but leaving him weakened. The dragon seeing that she was being attacked from the side decided to turn away and face us, but before he could attack Anders used an attack of opportunity to hit the dragon with his staff. Not expecting much from this we were all surprised he critted, causing the dragon to trip and fall upon the javelin that had landed short, piercing her heart.

Victorious most of our group rushed forward to harvest dragon scales and the like, while my bard talked with Anders. He thanked us, but looked a little off-put by the enthusiasm and single-mindedness of the rest of the party chopping up the dragon. He also said we could retrieve the treasure of the dragon in yonder cave.

Having done so, we all made our way back into town and were welcomed as true hero’s of the town. Celebration and a jovial environment was met upon our arrival, and we were informed that the rebellion that had been slowly forming had been wiped out, and those involved were executed.

This was the end of this part of our adventure, and instead of trying to oust Anders who ruled with an iron fist, our party got paid, and helped him stay in power. Woops, or whatever, but the townsfolk seemed to like Anders rule well enough, so we wound up helping him. Though the bard and our elven mage were the only ones who had received the quest to kill him. We never felt secure enough to attempt the assassination, and we didn’t think the others would have helped us, so we just ignored it, though my bard did attempt to convince them otherwise, but failed.

I would say we all had a good time in this campaign, and it was fun to have a couple more players show up, even if it was right at the end. So if you can find yourself a good group to play with, go out and play some D&D.

And with that, I shall leave you for now. Have a great week.


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