A New Bed, and Phone

Hello again. I’m back. Yay?

Anyhoo, this weekend a grand new thing has entered my life. A new bed. Some of you might ask yourselves why is this such an interesting thing to me. Well let me tell you, I’ve never had a new bed. My entire life it has been hand-me-downs when it comes to having a place to sleep. And what a grand thing it is to have a mattress that is still perfectly in shape. No divots left by someone else, or yourself after years of lying down. I’m still not entirely used to it yet, I kinda miss my hole I dug out for myself in the old mattress, but I’m sure this is better all around than lying on something that sank nearly to the floor when I laid down, heh.

Another “new” thing in my life is a phone. I loved my old phone, but recently it had been giving me issues. My watch was no longer connecting consistently, apps were running very slowly, and it was telling me I was running out of memory constantly. Also it wasn’t charging as fast anymore. So I took an entire night to set up another phone (thanks Dad). Loading up all my music took an hour or so, and it kept updating. So after several hours of making sure I had transferred over everything I wanted, I opened it up to swap out the sim card. Low-and-behold my old phone had gotten a little fat on one side. I knew what that meant, I’ve seen it before. The battery had started to expand. This has happened to me several times before with an old phone, so much so that swapping out batteries had been a thing. Unfortunately my most recent phone had no way to do that as it was built in. So I’m glad I caught it in time. The only reason I hadn’t noticed was the case I had it in. I thought the reason this kept happening to my old phone was because I kept charging it, and kept it plugged in overnight. I hadn’t done that with this last phone, so I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe I’m just too hot to have things in my pocket, heh.

Other than that, I did a bit of writing. I hadn’t in a couple of weeks, last week I was too tired, and the week before… I can’t recall why I didn’t. Maybe I was just upset over something…. I don’t know. Anyway this week’s writing session went by quickly, so yay. Otherwise I started thinking about another book I wanted to write. I almost started on that instead of continuing where I was. However I felt I should work on what I’d already started, though had I had any issues writing I would have gone ahead and worked on something new just to refresh myself.

Oh yeah, I took a look and it looks like I’m up to 53 books read this year. However this means I only read two books last week. I blame the fact that they were a little longer… that and I had decided to watch things on amazon instead of reading. That and Beat Saber is a thing, heh. I wonder if this is the end of my mass consumption of books. I assume I’ll still be reading a few books a week or so, but maybe not as much as before. Ah well, I still got several under the belt this year already.

Alright, that’s enough out of me. I hope you all have a great week.


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