Hamish Macbeth, and Dayshift

Hello again everyone. Here I am, and here is another post.

So I only got around to reading 5 books this past week. Wound up watching a bit of a show on Amazon instead. Hamish Macbeth. Outstanding show, I really love it. It’s quite a comfort, and the town this character resides is quite quaint. It’s about Hamish, a small town(single road) constable. It’s a Scottish town, and all the folk are always up to something. As constable he goes about making sure things work out, even if the locals are breaking some sort of law. He really doesn’t want to arrest anyone, so he looks the other way, and at times helps them out with their shenanigans just so he doesn’t have to write up a report. He loves the town, and never wants to leave, so he makes sure he looks just competent enough that he can stay, but not so excellent at his job that he’s promoted to another town.

Anyway, I’ve really not much else to talk about right now. I wound up having to take a couple of shifts over the weekend, daytime, so I’ve not slept very well. As I expected the daylight didn’t do me any good, felt a bit ill all day. However it wasn’t all bad. I got a lot of steps in so was able to evolve a Pokemon, and I lost a few pounds.

The weekend shifts are bit harsher on the old body, quite a bit more walking in the day. However it’s nothing compared to what I was doing to myself at my last position. Even with the extra hours on shift I don’t get close to the mileage I was putting on myself there.

Anyway the place was buzzing with activity, extra shifts for everyone, so there was the addition of conversation constantly surrounding me. Not something I’m used to anymore, so that was yet another vector in my overall wellbeing. I tell you, working in silence and darkness for so long has really worn away my ability to ignore what people are saying around me. My poor mind constantly is trying to work out any conversation. If it had only been one group of people talking that would have been no issue, but since it was multiple groups, all working hard at solving issues, my brain kept trying to understand everything all at once. Quite a headache. I wish them all luck.

So, I suppose that’s it for this week. Sorry it wasn’t much, but I’m rather tired as I’ve mentioned. I do hope you all have a great week.


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One thought on “Hamish Macbeth, and Dayshift

  1. Five books in a week is nothing to scoff at! I’m currently at eight for the year, and right now I’m reading Agency (by William Gibson) but a new wave of work is keeping me busy, so I’m putting it down until I can devote a few hours to finish it off. Also I’ve been taking little breaks to re-watch the entire X-Files series, which has been pure nostalgic indulgence!

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