Dragon Ball and Witcher

Greetings one and all. I’m back, and here’s the scoop.

Seven more books read, and 45 for the year so far. Neat. I think I should be doing other things though, so maybe I’ll get back to messing around in GIMP soon, but I haven’t decided yet. It’s a lot of work, and since I’m not great I’ve not much to show for it when I get done for the day. Oh well, just a passing thought.

Honestly if I want to get back into it I’d want to give Linux a fresh install. I was having quite a bit of issues with crashing, or the programs I was playing around with going wonky after a bit. Sigh, but I’d need to back up some files. Too bad I don’t have a hard drive to back up things. After so many years all of my hard drives I have are already filled up with the random things I’ve collected over the years. That and some of them just don’t work anymore. A sigh for all my lost files.

Anyway I watched a couple of things over the weekend. The first was the latest Dragon Ball movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Well, it was pretty enough at the beginning. Too bad it messes with what we had already for Bardock. Other than that it’s a better back-story for Broly. Instead of wanting Goku dead just because he cried when he was a baby, heh. This time King Vegeta simply wants him gone because his power level, or potential was greater than his son’s(Vegeta). I will say all the way up and into the first fight with Vegeta the movie looked wonderful. After that things got a little wonky. Character design started going off model, and the faces and such were all over the place. Not to mention the music they started playing was more in line with wrestling themes played when a fighter enters the arena. It had some decent funny moments, but the fights weren’t as good as some others in the past. Though when Vegeta and Broly fought at for the first time it looked amazing. Otherwise a decent film if you are into DBZ.

Next I finally finished the Witcher. Awhile ago I watched the first couple of episodes and wasn’t sold. I didn’t find it fun, and there wasn’t much to hook me. However when talking with other people and seeing reviews I decided to keep pushing on. After the third episode I was hooked, and watched a few more episodes. Then I kinda drifted off to other things. But last night I finally watched the rest of the series. I actually liked it quite a bit. Unfortunately I think the last episode felt a bit rushed when wrapping up a couple of story lines, but other than that and the first couple of episodes I’d say it’s well worth the watch. I will say the way the time-line jumps around makes a bit difficult to follow at first when you don’t know when things are happening, but you get used to it after awhile. I will say the only story line that I actually enjoyed was Geralt’s. Watching him on his wacky adventures was tons of fun. I do so enjoy watching a straight man in a crazy world deal with the insane. His use of the “F” word when he’s getting tired of the insane situations was always amusing. I’d say give it a go if you are into fantasy.

Other than that I did my writing. Things are going alright. Had a bit of an issue today getting things together, but it all worked out. Just took a bit more effort. So at least I’m still on track with that.

Anyway, I hope you all have an enjoyable week.


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