Where to Watch?

Hello again. Heres another weekly update… surprise!

Um, no surprise here, sorry. Anyway, what have I been up to? Not much really. Just reading and stuff. Normal really. Seven books read this week, 38 for the year. I’m doing pretty good. I’ll probably ease off again after a bit, don’t want to get burned out after all, but so far I’m still having fun.

So trolling around Netflix, searching for something silly to watch, I stumbled across Naked Gun. Well, first I tried watching a movie called ZOOM with Tim Allen… only made about 12 minutes into it before we called it quits. Anyway, Naked Gun. What a fun movie. I had watched it long ago, but I say it still stands up pretty well. I could do without all the fart and pee-pee humor, but still a good watch. I do so love a straight man delivering outrageous lines. So it was nice to see something a little ridiculous to watch there on Netflix.

Usually when I want to watch something weird or just so bad it’s good I turn to Amazon. They tend to have taken every movie they can get their hands on and made it available. Good or bad, doesn’t seem to matter too much. And I thank them for that. I do so love watching some of the crazy b films that never caught on. Most of the times the very fact they got made makes you wonder about the sanity of people.

I have a few other apps or streaming services that I’ve put up on the old playstation, but really only those two get used. Well, I say that, but the YouTube app is on almost all the time. Most of the time I can find something to sate some weird curiosity I have at the time, or since I’m subscribed to several creators I’ll be able to watch their stuff. Unfortunately it seems things aren’t going well for those said creators… again. Issues keep cropping up, and while you and I might not think that they could make money making these videos, they do. Or have, and are reliant on the service to get paid. I’d say, after about the dozenth or more times that this has happened it might be time to get out. But where to go? Thats the real question. Perhaps there is some service out there that would gladly host all this content, but the real issue is getting us all to follow… that and making it easy to watch. What app would that be on the Playstation for instance? I can’t say right now, but maybe some ingenious individual will make something, and at least there’d be bit more competition for the creators, and better conditions for them as well.

Anyway, I rambled enough. Just random thoughts again, hopefully you all don’t mind too much. Have a great week.


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