A Year of Reading

Howdy folks. I’ve returned again, and boy do I have nothing to say, so here comes the rambling.

So this past week I worked. Oh yes. My schedule was all over the place, and things didn’t get set in stone until the last minute. Not really anyone’s fault, it’s just things have changed a bit at work, and their needs are not what they once were. But I still had several more hours than usual due to the holiday. And yes, I work holidays. I think all of them. Been doing it for years. Yay Holiday pay!

Due to my walking I hatched quite a few eggs in Pokemon Go, as per usual, so there’s that at least. And yes, I still play. Unfortunately I’m reliant on others to get me eggs and the like since walking is what I do at work, and I’m very unlikely to want to do it on my days off to hit up any pokestops. So, thanks to my friends in the game who do. If I do go out I immediately send off gifts to those friends, but since I so rarely leave my home this means they get the short end of the stick in this relationship. I think a few of these friends have realized this, since they don’t send me anything anymore, heh. Oh well, I still have a couple who do. Of course when they don’t go out and play because of the weather and such I wind up with nothing, though at least I can still get candies to level up those Pokemon I already have.

Enough of that. Now to reading. With only a couple of days left in the year I’m probably only going to be able to read another book before it ends. So here’s the count for the year so far. 259. So that means 260 will likely be the final count. NICE! I tried really hard to make this year count, and I think I did a decent job. Had I started earlier in my crazy reading spree I’d likely have quite a few more, but already this is very close to one book per day for a year. That’s madness. Hopefully I haven’t burned myself out. There has been a couple of times when I started getting upset with a book I was reading. But I can’t tell if that was because it wasn’t entertaining, or if I was just done reading. If I took a nap I could get back into it, but eventually I would grow just as irritated. Maybe I need to expand my horizons and read different genre’s, though I kinda did this year.

For the most part it’s been a fantasy year. Though I did explore sub-genre’s in fantasy. Harem-lit, rpg-lit, wuxia, and a few more that I’m having a hard time placing. Not so much in the sci-fi realm, though I did read a few of those as well. Mostly in sci-fi was the wonderful series by E. M. Foner called EarthCent. I think I’ve talked about it before, but it’s a relaxing read about humans joining an intergalactic group of species and their day to day. Like Star Trek, and not because of battles? Give it a read.

Wuxia, now that’s a crazy little genre. I still say the Coiling Dragon Saga is the best, but that might be because it was the first Chinese translated one I read, and the fact that it’s complete. Most others are still on going. Since then I’ve read a few by Chinese authors and English speaking ones. Some are pretty good, others started out well enough, but became stagnant. But it’s still fun to see what these authors do.

RPG-lit. Now this one spans many authors. I’d find it very difficult to think of what I consider the best this year, but I’ll try. Hmm, ah, I got one. The Completionist Chronicles by Dakota Krout. There are a number of good ones in this sub-genre that I loved, but this one has a humor that tickles me like none other. Give it a read.

Harem-lit. Oh dear. This one is hard to recommend. While it can be tame, I’ve found it’s mostly erotica. Not that it’s a bad thing per se, but it’s not something you’d want to talk to your parents about, heh. The best author out there in my opinion is William D. Arand/Randi Darren. Same guy, different names for reasons. Heh. The William name is for a tamer version of Harem. But if you want to read something erotic, yeah, go for Randi. He’s a great writer, and even if you aren’t a fan of the genre the world building is amazing. All his books exist together, even if they are different worlds or universes. It’s fun to see what he’ll do, and who from other books might show up. If you are up for a little bit of the erotic, you can’t do better than him.

With that I think I’ll leave you for now. I gave you a few books or authors to look at. I hope the coming year is fantastic, and get to reading!


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