Just “B” things, and back to writing

Hello all, and welcome. I return again, as is obvious, and I’m filled with amusement.

So before I regale you with what has tickled me, I shall talk about my new book. I’ve finally returned to writing. After taking so long to scour through what was already written in hopes of fixing up certain things I wasn’t pleased with, I’m back on track. It feels odd to write again, and I probably shouldn’t have just stopped all together. One must flex your muscles if you hope to keep them. Fortunately I don’t feel like I’ve lost much, it just took a little longer than previously to write the amount I wanted to.

Anyway, I’ve read another 8 books since last week. Yay fun. And this is what has me all sorts of amused. Not the count, but a certain book. Now, I’ve been reading Wuxia novels… I can hear the groans from here. Sorry I talk about it so much, but I find them fun to read. But what makes them so much more than a good read, is the crazy translations. First, while reading Book 4 of the Ultimate Martial Divine King, there was a part that made me laugh uncontrollably. Here is the snippet that had me crying.

“Brother Chu Hen, what is that broken spirit artifact of yours?”

“Clang!” Chu Hen answered without hesitation.

“Bell?” Everyone was stunned.

Hilarious. The translation for bell sometimes is “CLANG”… hahahahaha. And even weirder they sometimes call it a “clock”. I’ve no idea why, but it’s hilarious. Another thing, one of the chapters is titled “A Dead Horse, A Dead Horse, A Dead Horse.” Oh man, I couldn’t contain myself. There was no horse, dead or otherwise in the chapter. This just cracked me up. I think they were saying something about beating a dead horse, but it came out weird. I had to tell Samantha immediately the next time I saw her. I think she thought it was funny to, but maybe she was just being polite. Either way, I’m just loving reading this stuff. I enjoy the story, but the translation makes it so much more fun. Like watching a “B” movie, you never know what weird thing they are going to put in here.

Speaking of “B” movies, I watched Phoenix the Warrior. Jeez it was bad. The acting was terrible, but the set design was actually pretty good. However the camera work was just awful. Chase scenes would swap angles from right to left, then left to right. It just made it confusing. However there was a scene with a group of decrepit people who worshiped old TV’s that didn’t work anymore, and would chant old TV titles or quotes from old shows. That was fun. Otherwise not really worth your time to watch, though Samantha and I got some amusement out of it. It just makes me appreciate Samantha more when we watch these terrible movies, we have so much fun making jokes about them while viewing. Our own personal MST3K.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. I hope you all have an enjoyable week. Why not go out and watch something bad with friends. You might have a good time.


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