Playing with Phones, and more Wuxia

Hello again. I have returned.

So anyway, just to update you on my reading journey I was able to read another 10 books this week. Yay fun. Of course all of them were in the wuxia/cultivation genre that I’ve become taken with recently. And again all Chinese translated. While I finished the most recent book in one series I tried out another. If anything the translation is even worse this time. Gender pronouns are all over the place, and switch constantly in this series. Men are either him or her, and the same for women. Also sometimes when others are referring to another person they sometimes use “I” even when it’s obviously not in reference to themselves. Also names are all over the place, switching between what I think are titles or affectionate names without reference, causing me difficulty in deciphering who is being referred to. And yet I persevere. I think I might just like reading so bad it’s good translations. That and the story isn’t half bad, if you can make out what’s going on, heh.

Other than this Samantha had some phone issues. Either her phone was no longer able to read her sim card, or the card itself was going bad. Luckily my father had a few phones lying about, and was generous enough to let us have them. She was able to get one to work for her, and seems well satisfied with it. I on the other hand am having fun playing around with different phones. That and since my tablet stopped charging I have another screen I can read from when I have my phone occupied with playing a game for an hour. This game is something that’s become habit for me to play a couple of times a day, and has been this way for three years. I can’t stop, and I even sacrifice reading to do so, but now I don’t have to anymore. Yay for another phone!

I still haven’t decided if I want to swap to this other phone either. The specs are rather similar, though the new one offers the benefit of being able to use an SD card for additional storage. I do miss having all my music with me at all times, though I’ve grown out of the habit of listing to anything in the car. Mostly it’s just podcasts and I can’t see myself listening to anything else, even if I love music. Though this new phone is supposed to work only on Verizon, with experimentation I was able to get it to work with my carrier, though I think the Internet is slower on it. Not that I ever use it for anything other than to look up things quickly or download a book when I finish one now and again. Either way, unless something goes wrong with my current phone I might keep it around for backup. I’ve had issues in the past with phones dying on me for no reason, and being without a functional way to communicate is unacceptable these days.

Anyway, the current book is coming along nicely. I’m nearly back to where I was before I decided to go over it and change things a bit. I hope that by next week or the following one I’ll be back to simply writing instead of fleshing things out. Since it’s been awhile, I’m excited to return to storytelling.

And with that, I shall leave you to your day. I hope you all have an enjoyable week. Until next time.


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Update: You Must Be Drunk is published. Find it here. And I’m 57% into the new novel’s first draft. Doing a bit of pre-editing in the book right now, though I’m nearly finished.

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