Reading, and Reworking

Greetings again. I’m back to write another post.

So this week nothing much of note happened. The plan had been to visit and play some D&D with my friends, but most of us were sick. Not myself of course, I don’t do that, it’s unpleasant, heh. Okay, really I just don’t get sick all that often, I feel bad enough when I get up in the morning so I wouldn’t be able to tell anyway.

Yeah, I figure it’s because I drink so much coffee that if I don’t have a bit I feel rather grouchy and out of it. Could be something else, but this is what I have. Also, I’m grouchy when I drink it, so maybe I’m just a grump. Or maybe I drink too much when I do imbibe, and when I don’t my body just needs it even more. Who can say, I’d rather not stop drinking coffee, I love the taste, even black as I take it. I suppose I could switch back to only drinking tea, but I burn through it so quickly the cost would go up for me. Coffee is cheap, and my particular desire for earl grey isn’t.

As for my reading habit, I finished only five this week. I blame my disinterest in a series I was able to hop back into because the later books just became available for kindle unlimited. I had liked the first few, but now I’m getting bored. I’ll try to finish the book I’m in the middle of now, but I’m not sure if I’ll continue. I eventually had to switch to something else because my mind would wander off and think about other things even as my eyes continued to scan the page. I’m not sure what is making me disinterested, but I just can’t seem to care about anyone in the book anymore.

However I’m still hopeful that I’ll reach my personal goal of 200 books read this year. There have been moments when I didn’t feel like reading, but they don’t happen often. The issue I’m running into is simply trying to find something interesting to read. It hasn’t been an issue the last few months, but here I am again. There’s so much out there, and while I limit myself most times to those books available in the kindle unlimited section, it can be difficult to find something that catches my interest without being by an author I already trust.

As for the book I’m currently working on, I’ve made it back to the halfway point, and I’m actually quite satisfied with it. As I have said, there are little things that I felt needed to be tweaked before I felt I should continue, and it’s coming along nicely. I have about sixteen chapters written already, and currently I’m working on chapter eight, simply reworking as I go back over things. It’s taking about as long as I assumed it would, so I guess I’m on track on that front. The inclusion of a particular character really helps, but I’m still thinking I need to rework the main one for story telling reasons. They aren’t terrible, but either they need to change a bit, or have a better foil as a companion. Real life influences aside, sometimes personal motivations just don’t mix well. Having them be too similar, at least emotionally just makes things too bland, at least for me. We’ll see how things go from here.

Anyway, I suppose I should leave now. Otherwise I’ll just ramble about things that no one finds interesting, heh. Have a great week.

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