Just Some Thoughts about Books

Hello there, I have returned.

Another week has passed, and I was able to read a few books. Only six for this week, but I will claim it’s because the Coiling Dragon Saga books are a bit longer than the others I usually read. However, I finished the series, and can say it was pretty good, if a little awkward.

The strangeness I would say comes from it being translated from another language, but what makes it a little unpleasant is the way women are treated. While there are relationships between men and women, claims of love and the like, women are almost treated like property. They can become powerful “Cultivators” as well, however if they are in a relationship they are generally seen as subservient to their partner. I’m not a fan of this, but perhaps others will just see it as a cultural difference. Besides such unpleasantness the books are well crafted, and the ending is satisfying.

As I’ve said before I enjoy reading a book that deals with power growth, though I mostly enjoy the beginning rather than the end of the journey. Mostly because when you get too powerful it takes a bit of the excitement away, especially when challenges can seem forced at that point. However the series never felt that way to me, as each confrontation was reasonable to the world. I won’t spoil the ending, as I think it’s at least worth a read, but what you are left with is an ending that fits exactly into the type of story these books were going for.

Another author I’d like to talk about, one that isn’t in this same sub-genre, is William D. Arand and his more explicit alternative pen name Randi Darren. All his books are well written, and I’ve read all of them, but what makes them more interesting beyond being fun is that they all are in the same universe. While things take place in different worlds or the like, you can expect to see someone from another of his series pop up randomly. It reminds me of how Heinlein’s books at the end all came together to form one universe, or multi-verse. While his books might not be for everyone, they are in the harem-lit genre and can be explicitly erotic, they at least are a fascinating look into how you can write several series in different worlds and yet somehow make them all apart of a larger story.

Other than this, I’ve not done too much else this last week. I’m still going through the current book I’m writing, trying to fix the narrative a bit. I like what I have, but sometimes I feel like scrapping it all and starting all over. Not because it’s necessarily bad or anything, but I keep getting flashes of ideas. Thoughts about how else I’d like to tell the story, and concerns about the personalities of the characters I have being too similar. I’ve two that while not exactly the same, might as well be with the way they talk to each other. Luckily I have a fun one that I’ve thrown into the mix, but she isn’t always around. I think I’ll have to work on the protagonist a bit, and perhaps age him up. Thirteen and introverted might not be exactly the best idea for him. I suppose I’ll decide when I get to the part I thought needed fleshing out. I’ve mostly gone back to make sure the previous chapters line up with the changes I was thinking of. So far I’ve not had to do too much, but it still takes time. Ah well.

Anyway, I think I’ll leave it at that this time. I hope you all have a great week.

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