Feeling Down

Hello there. Here I am with yet another one of my weekly posts.

So, I’m not sure what to talk about, but I’ll try. I’ve been writing this current book for a little while, and while I think there’s some great stuff going on I feel like I’m not doing as well as I did with You Must Be Drunk. I think the real reason is that I’m not having as much fun. There was humor behind even the most serious idea in that book, but currently I’m writing everything straight. I think it might be time to have some fun with it.

A few weeks ago I did write something amusing, to my mind, and it was fun for me. But the next time I wrote I just went back to writing just the story. No flair, no fun, no anything that couldn’t be just the story. Also I think I need to rely on more time skips, instead of writing everything that a person does in a day. Yes it adds a bit more to my word count, heh, but it isn’t necessary. I’ll probably be getting rid of a lot of that when I start editing the draft, but really it’s not important to the story.

I don’t know why I do this. It’s something that we were able to avoid with the last book, and time skips happened more frequently. Meaning you don’t need to hear about every meal, or if you do it doesn’t have to be more than a line or two. I think it’s an issue with the way my mind works, I need to know all the steps, so I write them all.

Sometimes it feels like there are many things I want to say, and I have everything worked out in my head, but when I sit down to write my brain just goes blank. Then I just write random things based upon what I vaguely remember. It’s frustrating. Perhaps I should find a way to write when I have these ideas. I’ve done it before. Mostly I write an email to myself with a scene or idea in the past, but I’ve not done much of that lately.

Maybe I’m just getting bored. Not with the idea of the book, I still very much like it, but with myself. I think I’m rather uninteresting, even if some eventful things have happened in my life. Yet I cannot seem to get worked up about anything. I’ve noted when I’m angry I write better, maybe I should find a way to illicit that emotion before I write. It focuses me.

That’s what I think I’m missing. Emotion. I’ve been able to put a bit of that in the story thus far, but now and again I’m just void of any feeling, which makes the story humdrum. Or maybe that’s just me, and I can’t feel anything at the time. Heh, I guess I’m just devoid of much feeling most of the time. Or perhaps I’m just down right now. It’s hard to tell. When I’m down I tend to forget how I feel at other times, nor can I really read what I’ve written as anything other than bland. I’m sure the anniversary of my son’s death isn’t helping me.

Sorry that this week’s post is not a happy thing. Rambling about my problems helps me a bit, and maybe it’ll help others. I’m doubtful, but hopeful.

Anyway, I’ll leave you here. I hope you all have a great week, and remember to check out my latest book I wrote with my wife.

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