D&D again

Hello to all of you. I’ve returned, as is made plain by this post.

So what have I been up to this week? Well I attended another session of D&D. Fun was had, but I do think my character suffered greatly, and may have become a bit unhinged.

So after gathering a few supplies from the town, my little gnome borrowed a crossbow from the Firbolg. Now the group set out to hunt goblins in a cave, in the hopes that they could clear it out.

After a short ride on a wagon that someone was using to transport goods to town and back home, we found the cave. There were several crows eating the corpses scattered about the entrance, and the teifling decided to try to make friends with one. She rolled a natural twenty, and it became her pet. A vanity pet, not something that helps in combat, but it rests either on her shoulder or in her antlers now.

Because my gnome had antagonized the Firbolg, he cast a spell on me. I now glowed, and he picked me up to use me as a lantern. The gnome thought it was funny, so let it happen. He apparently likes being carried. It makes a bit of sense, his legs are too short, and likely gets tired easily trying to keep up with the larger folk in the group.

Of course stepping into the room, while playing a song, goblins spotted him. He tried to persuade them that he was just a lamp, but of course that failed and they shot him a few times with their bow. Since my gnome is the weakest character they chased after him, even as the others tried to guard me. I healed myself a bit, and the elf, firbolg, and teifling all set about destroying all the goblins easily. I tried to help, but I failed to do any damage with my crossbow.

Onwards! The elf scouted ahead to look for traps, and we found a number of them. Spikes launched from the ground each time, but since the Firbolg decided to carry the corpses of the goblins he just threw them on top and we were able to get over them without injury.

Soon enough we found another room. This one was filled with goblins and kobolds. Well, not good for me. The goblins of course would attack me first even if there were others in the way since I’m the weakest, and the kobolds would do the same, since they hate gnomes. Yay fun, I’m going to take damage!

Since I’m a bard, I cast inspire. And the others took care of the room, while I attempted to use my crossbow again. Luckily, after a kobold was already weakened by someones attack, I was able to kill it. Everyone else did huge damage, good rolls, while I ran away until I couldn’t be hit again. I’m not built to tank.

After the fight, my gnome decided he’d leave, but wound up being too afraid to go on his own. Since the others wanted to continue, he was given no choice but to stay. The Firbolg took the corpses and stuffed the stairwell at the end of the room to make sure nothing would attack us from that direction. There was a hole in the middle of the room, so we went back and grabbed a door to place atop it.

Taking a long rest to heal our wounds, we settled about. My gnome was too frightened to lay down by himself, and the tiefling took pity on him and allowed him to sleep in her lap. When waking up I heard what I took to be a voice coming from the hole in the room, and upon inspection we found someone claiming to be a wizard.

The rest of the group decided to get him out, but my gnome was suspicious, and frightened. As he talked, someone asked if he had a spell book. He said yes, and for some reason my gnome decided we needed to get it away from him. Maybe to help them not die, maybe to stop the wizard from attacking them, and so he stalked forward and pulled his dagger. Aiming it at the wizards kidneys he demanded the book. The teifling seeing the situation was about to come to a fight, she grabbed me and pulled me away to try to calm me down. She said I could ride on her shoulders, so I did, but I pulled my crossbow and rolled intimidation and rolled a 19. Thus threatened, he gave me a book, and I gave it to the elf in hopes she might be able to use it. It didn’t give her any further insight. Oh well.

The firbolg lifted the wizard, and we decided to head down the stairs, only to find another room filled with goblins. The wizard seeing he was about to be attacked, as he was being held in front of all of us, cast a spell that caused an illusion of whatever the goblins feared most. They all ran away, though the elf was able to kill one of them.

Letting the wizard go now, the elf was able to charm him enough to get his autograph, and the location of where he would be later.

Noting another door at the end of the room, and after I cast Inspire again, the Firbolg rolled for sneaking, and was able to enter the room unnoticed. Then casting Thunderwave he killed two of the three goblins there. The leader was much weakened and started pleading for his life, offering to work for him. This wasn’t persuasive enough for the group, and he was easily dispatched by the elf.

We gathered and separated the loot, this was it for this little area. We were much richer, though the gnome is now scarred by this adventure. He never wanted to do anything but play music and enjoy his life in taverns. He desperately wants to get out of here and drink something strong.

But that’s were we left off. We killed a bunch of monsters. Intimidated a prisoner, and freaked out the gnome. All in all a fun time. We’ll see if someone can convince the gnome to go out adventuring again.

I’ll say this is how I remember it, but I’m sure I’m missing things that the others in the group remember. But that’s just how it is, we tend to remember things differently, or mostly from our perspective.

Anyway, I’ll leave you here. I hope you all have a great week, and remember to check out my latest book.

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