The Book is Out, and Things I’m Watching

Howdy folks, I’m back.

You Must Be Drunk is published and ready to purchase. I’m happy to see several have already done so, and I look forward to hearing what people think. It’s the best thing I’ve written to date, in my opinion, and also the longest I’ve taken to work on a book. So hopefully it shows and you all enjoy it.

You Must Be Drunk link to the Amazon store here

So what else is going on with me you might ask? Uh, I dunno. I watched the first couple of episodes of The Dark Crystal. I liked it, but if I were to have a complaint I find it a little slow. Don’t get me wrong it’s entertaining, but I found myself doing other things while I watched. That could just be down to having drank a couple of cups of coffee before hand. That tends to make me a little more irritable and distracted, unless I’m focused on writing.

What I’m really enjoying lately is a couple of anime. They work in tandem in a way, though one really is a weird mix of perviness and inventiveness. Are You Lost is something of a mixed bag. A group of girls are stranded on an island. Partial nudity and perverted shots abound, but that’s not why it’s worth watching. One of the girls is a survivalist, since her father was into it and trained her since she was young. Watching her explain things to the others is what makes it worth your time. I’ve learned several things I wouldn’t have thought of about living off the land.

The other anime that works in tandem with it is Dr. Stone. Our modern world is suddenly swept with a curse, or something, that turns everyone into stone. Thousands of years pass and eventually a few people are freed. The world has changed, of course. One such person freed is a scientific minded young man. He wants to bring our modern conveniences back, and each episode goes into detail about his inventions and the like. It’s quite enjoyable, and I find the episodes go by quickly. Watching both I learn something each time, and interestingly certain things that I learn in one play into what the other does. Such as with lightning rods. I won’t spoil it, but it was fun to see what each one did. I will say watching both has lead to long conversations with Samantha, and we are always excited to watch the next.

I’m of course watching other anime, as is my want, but nothing else is as entertaining. However my reading lust might be overshadowing my enjoyment. Instead of watching several episodes of anime when I get off work I tend to read. It might be why I’m sleeping better, as I can more easily find a stopping point rather than waiting for an episode to end. Of course sleep still isn’t perfect, likely due to the time I am in bed. That being the day time.

I’ve read seven books since last week, and I’m up to 157 books for the year. We’ll see if I make it to 200 by the end. I’m not sure why I’m aiming for it, but it gives me something to work towards. I like giving myself little goals, and this one seems doable. It’s how I get any writing done as well.

Each time I sit down to write I make sure I get my word count for the day, and the book grows. Speaking of which, I’m more than halfway through the first draft. As expected I got discouraged, especially as I compare my own writing with things I read, but as is the case, the next time I sat down to write those worries disappeared and I was able to continue. My advice to writers, or to other creators, don’t give up. Just keep pushing. You may not think it’s perfect, but nothing is. But the more you do something the better you get.

Anyway, I’ll leave you for now. Remember to give You Must Be Drunk a try. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


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Update: You Must Be Drunk is publishedFind it here. And I’m 53% into the new novel’s first draft.

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