You Must Be Drunk(Published)

Welcome one and all. Today is the day. That’s right, You Must Be Drunk is published.

Well, it’s being processed for publishing. It takes awhile. It’s my fault really that it isn’t exactly available as I write this. I could have started to put it up last night, but I hesitated. I wanted to give Samantha time to put any changes in place, or add things. She didn’t, so I suppose that was just me being hesitant as it’s not just myself who is responsible for this book.

Likely the book will be ready to download in a few hours after I put this blog up, though perhaps if we’re all lucky as soon as I hit publish on this it’ll be available. Wouldn’t that just be my luck, I’m complaining about myself being hesitant, and in the end it isn’t even noticeable to anyone else?

Anyway, here’s the synopsis.

Midgard, a land made by the Norse Gods, filled with legendary heroes and monsters. A realm where the brave can carve their name into the pages of history.

Sig, the wandering drunk, has no such ambitions.

His tale begins in a tavern, as most good stories do. Begging the locals for a drink, he finds himself seated across from a strange, smiling man. He speaks of a wondrous drink, the rainbow mead of the Gods. Enticed by the bounty, Sig undertakes the quest for the perfect brew.

Heading out into the fantastical world of old Norse lore, lacking in supplies, skills, and good sense, he stumbles his way through the realms of Yggdrasil. He’ll drink with fairies, elves, dwarves, magical beasts and Gods along the way, traveling to the end of the universe to find his treasure.

With that, I’ll leave you. Take a look at the book, and if it sounds interesting, give it a read. I’d love to hear your reaction! Have a great week.

Update: the book is out. Find it here.


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Update: You Must Be Drunk is 100% edited, and 100% formatted. The book is finished, and should be available shortly. And I’m 51% into the new novel’s first draft.

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