Cover, Zim, and Jim

Hello you. It’s yet another week into the year, and things are grand.

So first up, as I think quite a few of you are interested… maybe. The book cover is completed! Now for the hard part… yet another hard part. We need to work on they synopsis. I’ve a few ideas, but I need to iron them out with the co-author. So it looks like we will get this thing out before September rolls around. I’m quite happy with the cover, and I’ll let you all see it before I submit the book for publishing, so stay tuned.

Other than that, what else can I talk about? Oh, I know, we watched the new Zim movie, Enter the Florpus. It was like no time had passed, and it truly stands with the original series. As a long time fan it’s always nice to see something new from Jhonen Vasquez. The animation is better, and only one character design wasn’t quite what we were used to, but it wasn’t distractingly so. It was awesome to see Zim and Dib back up to their old antics, and it was an entertaining watch. Any fan of the show will be pleased with this new offering, however I would say anyone new to the show might not quite get it. If you’ve never seen Zim I highly recommend watching it, but start with the series first before you get to this movie. You won’t be disappointed.

Another thing I did was finish watching the little series by Defunctland(DefunctTV) about Jim Henson. I finished the 6 part series late last night. It of course ended with the death of the creator. A sad but hope filled retrospective. It’s probably why I’ve been so obsessed with the recollection of The Storyteller series recently. I had many a long talk with the co-author about our favorite episodes, and the stories they told. I don’t know why, other than it’s a great story, but the one called The Soldier and Death always stands out to me. Before we watched the Zim movie we watched it along with a friend who had come over. I think it’s safe to say we all enjoyed it. It doesn’t hurt(wink) that John Hurt was the storyteller in the first season.

Otherwise I’ve just been reading and writing. I’m up to 136 books for this year. As to writing, I’m almost to the halfway point in the first draft. It’s coming along nicely, though there are times it gets a little hard to fill in the blanks between story beats. That’s always the case for me though. Guiding these characters to specific points I want them to is like wrangling cats at times. One character in particular seems to just grab on to whoever is around and force them to do what she wants. At least she isn’t always around to do so, otherwise I might not ever get this book done, heh.

Anyway, I shall leave you here today. I hope you all have a great week, and look forward to You Must Be Drunk coming your way soon!


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Update: The book is 100% edited, and 99% formatted. The book cover is coming finished. And I’m 47% into the new novel’s first draft.

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