Shave and a Haircut, DND

Howdy folks. I return.

So first off, just to get it out of the way, I shaved my head. If you don’t care about that sort of thing, go ahead and skip ahead because I’m gonna talk about this for a little bit.

I had long hair. I began growing it out years ago, and after twenty years of having enjoyed such things it is now gone. Had it never grown thin I’d probably just let it keep growing, but age has its price. As is normal for my family, eventually the baldening began to happen. So, not wanting to go for the Benjamin Franklin look, I shaved my head. There is nothing quite like a shorn…. oh wait, no. Um, it feels wonderful. No longer does my hair snag on everything, nor do I have to worry about brushing it out, let alone taking forever to wash and condition. However it does take time to shave. I’m still undecided if I’ll ever let any hair grow out again, but now I look like a rather tall dwarf with my long beard, heh.

The downside is that my head feels cold. Not too much of a problem during summer, but it does make sleeping with the a/c on rather interesting. I tend to pull my head under the covers now, and it tends to help. That and I “think” I’m sleeping better. I still don’t feel rested until I get some coffee into me, but that may just be my addiction to caffeine.

Oh, yeah, and now I have a new habit, I rub my head constantly. I love the way it feels right after shaving. So smooth! Heh, when it comes in a little it also feels nice. Like sand paper against my fingers. I’m convinced I’m sanding down my finger prints doing this, but I can’t help it.

I’m not sure they read this, but I will mention something else. I have a knitted cap that someone made for me years ago. I think I received it for Christmas. I’ve been wearing it every time I write, or when I’m cold. Now it functions as my hair, keeping my head warm. I call it my thinking cap, heh. So a very big thank you to them. I hope it lasts a long time. I’d feel lost without it, as it’s a part of my writing process, and now it replaces my hair, at least around home.

So anyway, I played some more DnD this weekend. Sigh, we got into another fight while trying to rescue a tavern owner’s son. He’d been kidnapped by goblins, and our group attacked. And by our group, I mean everyone but me. I was going to, but I was afraid one of them would turn around and bash my head in.

So, we got to a clearing, and several goblins surrounded the kidnapped dwarf. The Teifling and Elven Wizard went out ahead to look at a boulder that was hanging dangerously over the group. The Firbolg at this time decided he’d cast a spell that made him look like a tall goblin and walked forward to confront the ones holding their hostage. I asked him to wait while I used my disguise kit so I’d look like a goblin as well, but he ignored me. While I applied my make up and outfit, he confronted them. Not knowing how to speak goblin, he acted unintelligent using grunts and dim-witted expressions. They lept at him, attacking the unknown goblin before them. He easily killed two of the three, while the tiefling killed two, and the wizard cast burning hands, as she is wont to do. The ones not killed ran away, but not before pushing the boulder down at the dwarf and firbolg. He picked up the hostage, and ran away, while I took off my disguise, again afraid I might be attacked. Unsure if we were going to be attacked I cast inspire at the Firbolg, and sang “Carry On My Wayward Son” to everyone’s amusement, but to no point, the fight was done.

The party came back together, all the while the dwarf mistook the firbolg as a golem of some type, and me as its master. I went along with it. It became apparent this dwarf was annoying, as he kept asking to join our group, and saying the dumbest things. I decided I’d just play some music to shut him up, and it worked.

Once back in town we delivered him to his father, and were rewarded. The other three decided to turn in the ears they collected for a reward and went to the town hall. I stayed behind to flirt, but once the woman I targeted began to talk I realized how crazy her eyes were, and decided against it and went back to share a drink with the tavern owner.

The other three turned in their ears, got some gold, and were making ready to leave. That is when a man came out and asked them into his office. Trying to be subtle he asked for their help to kill his supervisor. The Tiefling being the good and innocent person she is called out, shouting that the man was trying to kill someone. He made his escape out the window as the guards came rushing towards the group.

They were praised for their loyalty, and were ready to leave. Unfortunately the elven wizard decided she’d try to loot the room of the would-be assassin. While everyone was turned away she re-entered the room, and found a chest. Apparently overcome with greed, or simply wanting to find knowledge about the assassin, she had found a chest and tried to open it. Using a pen she found she attempted to unlock it. It failed spectacularly and loudly exploded alerting everyone to her presence.

Now, in this town there is a rule. The rule is if you break a law you are to be executed. She had been found trying to steal, so she was about to be taken away to prison, and was facing death. This stumped everyone there for quite awhile. They didn’t want to die, so the Firbolg Cleric decided he’d try something, and shouted to the room that she was possessed by a demon, and attacked her with a spell. Eventually causing her to pass out, he then claimed the demon was gone. Now the whole town thinks there are demons running around possessing people.

In the end everyone returned to the tavern for sleep. I noted the passed out Elf, and asked what happened. I was told she was possessed by demons, and remarked I wasn’t surprised. Her use of burning hands for no reason other than to kill things for no reason before obviously not something a person would do if they weren’t possessed. Now only the Firbolg and Elf know she was never possessed. And that was it for the evening. Another fight, and I do nothing but stand in the background, and everyone else does things. Ah well.

And that is it for this time. I hope you all have a great week.


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