Reading, Finalizing, and Aging

Greetings y’all. Time for another installment of “I don’t know what to talk about.”

So this week was filled with fun. And by fun I mean yet again a tire went flat on my car. Yay, right? Well luckily the spare was holding air this time, and while I did have to drive much slower on my way to work it didn’t impede me too much. The tire was eventually replaced, though that apparently is a hassle when it comes to getting them. They had to be ordered specially before they could be installed. And of course the price is always high for such things as tires, especially when you aren’t expecting it.

Otherwise it was just a normal week for me. I read… way too much I’m sure. Ten books since last Monday, a bit much I think. My appetite is voracious I suppose, which has gotten me up to 104 books read this year so far. I wonder what my final count for the year will be. I love Kindle Unlimited…

So anyway, the book is basically done, as I’ve said before. The cover is looking good so far, though the artist is thinking of going a different direction as the last time I spoke with them they were worried it wouldn’t look good as a thumb nail, though I think it looks outstanding in its full resolution. The synopsis still needs to be worked on, though I’ve run through a few things myself. The co-author and I need to finalize that, and maybe I can persuade them to do their own author’s note, mine already being mostly finished. I kinda need to have all of the written things together before I can finish up on formatting, but it’s all almost ready to be published. However the way things are I’m thinking August for the release now.

Side note, my hair is growing thin… Sigh, the troubles of being a guy. I’ve had long hair since around 2000, but it looks as though it’s about time for that to change. Though I’ll be keeping the long beard, the shaved head look will be upon me shortly. I hope I don’t have a weird shaped skull underneath all this hair. But luckily I like hats, so even if I look like some odd alien under my head of hair, a hat should hide that. Ah, aging, why must you do this to me? At least I had a couple of decades to enjoy having long hair, even if it was a hassle now and again, I thought I looked good with it. Ah, to be able to be vain for life. If only, heh. Oh well, change is the only constant.

Anyhow, I hope your week has been wonderful, and may you have yet another glorious one.


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Update: The book is 100% edited. And I’m 37% into the new novel’s first draft.

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