Edits Done, and some D&D

Well hello there. What brings you by? Oh, it’s just been another week. But wait, I have things to tell you.

So, first off, I’m happy to report that the book the co-author and I’ve been working on for the last two years, and several months, is finally finished. I should clarify, the edits are done, therefore no more of that anymore. We still need to format, get a cover together, and work on any afterword or such. From what I know, I believe it will be out sometime in late July or early August. If I have my way I’d say August 5th, for reasons, heh. Or if everything comes together quicker than I expect, July 22nd. Sorry for the vagueness, but the co-author and I have other things that take our time. But don’t worry, when we can we’ll be working to make sure you all can read it soon. It’s been a long journey, but I think it’ll be worth it.

Synopsis forthcoming, but for now the Title- You Must Be Drunk-

That’ll be your teaser.

Anyway, the other thing I wanted to talk about was my first real D&D experience. This weekend I was invited over to my friend’s house. He DM’d, and along with his wife, another friend of mine, and the co-author we set out on our journey. Of course it all started in a tavern, but things didn’t play out like I think anyone expected.

The tavern-keeper had a rat problem in the basement, a traditional first quest, and was offering a reward for clearing them out. I, being a bard, really didn’t feel like fighting, as I was already set up to get free room and board for playing some music. The anti-social Firbolg cleric, the Timid Teifling Monk, and the haughty elven wizard on the other hand were looking for some coin. Unfortunately the Firbolg took the request literally, and went to the basement and used his animal speaking ability to tell the rats that they should leave or they’d be killed by someone soon.

They rushed out in an understandable hurry, but unfortunately for them the Elf didn’t want to lose out on the reward, as no one was in a party yet, and rushed after them, cutting them off with a summoned familiar, a cat, and cast burning hands, roasting the majority of them. Thus earning the name Chaos Angel, or Fire Elf, by yours truly, the gnome bard.

However the tavern-keeper was overjoyed, and rushed out to collect the burnt bodies. Then offered us all some stew and coin as a reward. All the while making it obvious to my character that he’d make sure I’d get the best food and room, implying heavily that the stew he was serving to the others was made of rat. Why was he being so friendly to me? Well, I might be overly charming to barkeeps, and having exceedingly high charisma didn’t hurt either, heh. I think he was on the verge of inviting me to bed.

Anyway, another elf showed up and tried to give us a quest to kill the mayor of a town nearby, but none of us were really having it. Save the Tiefling, who accepted when she was told he was a bad man and tyrant. She’s very trusting. The Firbolg on the other hand simply wasn’t having it, and went to bed. The Elf and I wanted to get paid first, and after some very poor charisma rolls, we eventually got him to give us 40% of the reward up front, which we split between us two, without letting the others know.

For some reason though, the Firbolg started casting spells in the night towards the Teifling, and a disembodied voice kept speaking quietly in Infernal to her. Which since she is afraid of her demonic nature taking over, started scaring her into believing she was going mad. As the night went on he kept it up, and the poor monk, who really is just a sweet and innocent thing, blamed herself.

Thus enriched, we went to bed, only to set off the next day towards the town. We all decided to travel together, though none of us have yet to party up. Arriving in town, I of course headed to the closest tavern, and set myself up as entertainment, enjoying free room and board again, while the others wandered about trying to figure out the lay of the land.

While that’s not everything, that’s basically what happened. I didn’t mention the Elf stealing the Teiflings map that she’d been working on, only to return it and receive thanks for finding it. That Teifling really is too innocent for this world. But yeah, it was a ton of fun, and I’m looking forward to the next session.

It took more than an hour before we were ready to play, even with us all rolling characters before we arrived, but now we should be able to jump right into it. I think this’ll be a fun campaign.

Well, that’s about it for now. I hope you all have a good week. Until next time,


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