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Howdy folks. I’m back again, as usual. Aren’t you just all plum excited?

Nothing much to report, save the co-author and I are relatively close to finishing up our final edits. We’ll likely finish up with another session or two, so things are right on track. Afterwards we’ll need to finalize the cover, and format the book itself. Shouldn’t take too much, at least formatting. It’s been mostly done as we went. Ah, and then we need to work on the hard part, the description. Not something I can say I’m good at. I’ll likely lean on them a bit. It’s hard for me to write one, as I don’t want to spoil anything at all, and yet you need to know what you’re getting into I suppose, heh.

Writing my new book is going well. I’m a third through the first draft, for one. However, as I write and think about this book I realized I was missing something. Motivation. Not for myself, I want to write, but for the characters. Now I’m not saying that I didn’t have a goal in mind for each character, I just mean that something was missing.

While reading, which I’ve said before I’m doing an awful lot of, I noticed that there were emotional scenes that really got to me. As to the reason they did, well, they were based upon what the character was going through, and their emotional core. Heh, whoops. I seem to forget that people have them, and was writing a logical minded individual, mostly without emotion. The kind of person that I present myself as, at least in public. I forgot there’s usually some emotion going behind each action. But luckily I’m taking that into account now as I write, and will be doing a bit of reworking on the first part of this book. Don’t worry, the co-author made sure these emotions were taken care of in the book we’re editing, I just don’t think to write them on my own… I guess.

So I guess what I’m saying is, don’t forget the emotional attributes your character will have. Otherwise your main protagonist won’t be entertaining… or at least they’ll be a boring emotionless robot. I got a big list of motivations now for mine, and the side characters too. Yay me. Of course they’ll have goals, but they’ll be set by their emotions. So remember that. It’s important. But I’m sure you all knew that, I’m just the weird one that tries to not let them rule me.

Um, hrm… I finished 6 books since last week, so there is that. Not sure if that means anything to anyone, but I think it’s neat. The only thing is that it’ll likely get harder to find new books to read here soon, since I finished reading everything yet another author has written.

When I try to explain that reading, at least the way I do it, is an addiction, anyone I talk to seems to wave it away. They mostly say things like, “Isn’t reading a good thing? How can it be an addiction?” Well, I’m not really doing anything else, save writing. I’m not even watching shows I kind of want to. I wanted to finish up Jessica Jones, and yet I’ve mostly haven’t felt the desire to. It’s not a bad show or anything, I’d just rather be reading. But since there’s a game I have on my phone, one that I’ve been playing for years, that has events that renew early in the morning I tend to put up an episode while I do my daily’s. Since I read on the phone, I can’t read and play the game at the same time. Unless I break out the tablet, which I’ve done a few times. Mostly I run the game and do dishes or make some food instead of watching anything, as it only takes a half-hour or so to work on the events.

I don’t even know why I keep playing. I’m already max level, but there’s so many other things to do in the game. Just in case you’re interested the game is called Summoners War. I like the art style, and the gameplay can be left to itself while you run around doing other things, especially at higher levels. Took me awhile to realize that. I like it, but it could just be because I invested so much of my time into it. I’m not the best, but I’d like to think I’m decent… heh. But it’s mostly up to your monsters and how you rune them.

Anyway, enough of all that. I hope you all find something new and exciting in your life. May you all find things you love doing, and enjoy working at it. Have a great week.


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