I Read Too Much

Hello to you. I’ve returned, and I’m here to do this blog thing. I’m sure you’re all very excited.

So the question is again what have I been up to? The book nears the end of it’s editing, and my other book is progressing. Everything is right on track.

Again I did more reading. That’s mostly what I’ve done with my free time. I did watch another episode more of Jessica Jones, and some random Youtube videos, but mostly my nose has been in a book. Or books I should say. I think I finished six books since last I posted, so yeah, been really getting into reading again.

When I was younger I remember reading only three books a week at most, and that was during summer vacation. I think the speed in which I read has really improved, heh. Of course that memory is from middle school, so I guess that’s not really a surprise. And yet the years just fade away so quickly, it’s hard to comprehend how much time has passed. Though thinking about it more, there’s a chance that those books were slightly longer. It’s hard to compare an actual book’s length to that of a digital version without having the word count, or some other means that can be illustrated.

Oh dear, I just checked, I think I’ve read somewhere around 30 books since last month. Oh Goodreads, you reveal my addiction to the world. I thought I was bad last year, but I’m almost to the same number of books read as I did all of last year. Admittedly I had a bit of a late start, and I also wasn’t reading as much. Still, I think it’s neat.

I’m sure no one really cares how many books I can put away, but I’m proud of it. Even if all these books aren’t masterpieces, I’d like to think I’m learning as I consume them. Sure, they’re fiction, but to me there’s so much to discover in them.

First of course is finding what I like about each one and try to put such things in what I write. I’m always trying to improve myself, and discovering different ways to tell a story helps that. The second is somewhat seeing into the mind of the author. Yeah, I know, just because we make a character doesn’t mean they are us, but it gives a glimpse into how you perceive people, and the world, even if it’s a fictionalized one.

Nothing else is really coming to my mind right now. I mean I’ve been writing a weekly blog for years, eventually I’m going to run out of new content, especially since I live such a boring life. I generally don’t go out and do things, partly because I work nights, the other reason being I’m a bit of an introverted homebody.

Though I did finally get to visit my friend’s new house this weekend. It’s a nice enough place, though it’s vastly different from their previous home’s. They’ve generally lived out in the country somewhere, but now they are smack dab in the middle of a housing complex. Heck, there’s even a home owners association. I’ve never liked that idea. My house, my property, leave me alone. I can’t see myself living in such a place, even if they usually don’t have too many unreasonable rules. But who am I kidding, I live in an apartment. Plenty of rules here, though since I don’t have to worry about a yard or what the place looks like outside it’s less invasive than a HOA. At least here if I have any issues I can call up maintenance and not a plumber or whatever and have to pay directly from my pocket.

Back to my visit. We’d talked of starting a DnD campaign, however we never got around to it. It had been months since we’d seen each other and we had stories to share. That and rolling up a new character takes time, so I think I’ll suggest we make them before hand next time. Then we can just get to it. Apparently selling and buying their new house was a long drawn out process. Of course it was. It was a real hassle for me last time too. But at least they got through it, and seem happy with the new place. Though it’ll take time to get used to it, but at least they’re closer and we should be able to see each other more often.

Anyway, enough rambling. Maybe I’ll try to be more interesting this week so I have more to tell, but I don’t think I can keep from reading long enough to do that, heh. I hope you all have a good week, until next time.


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