Hello again. The random blog generator is here. So what shall it be this week?

Well, I will start with saying there’s been some editing done on the book. It went well enough, though a certain word that described a building had to be changed as it didn’t match what we’d chosen earlier. It was rather frustrating for the co-author, and we had to decide which way we wanted to go with it. Luckily that was resolved quickly. And another thing, discussions on what someone was wearing, or what items they acquired, had us go back a little ways to make sure we’d written it correctly. We had, so yay.

So what else is there? Well I watched Good Omens. I really liked it, but generally for the angel and demon’s relationship. I would enjoy a series just on them through the ages. One observation I haven’t seen anywhere else is on David Tennant’s accent. I’m not complaining at all, as I loved every moment he was on screen, but mostly upon how similar it was to another British actor. Bill Nighy has a particular way of speaking, and of holding his lips while talking, and to my ears and eyes Tennant was a near match. The strange things I notice I suppose.

Other than that I’ve kept busy writing my other book. It’s going well, as I think I’ve said before. I’m enjoying writing, so that’s nice, but even better I like what I’ve written. I’ll have to flush it out a bit when I go back after the first draft, but I think it’s coming along nicely. It’s a bit of a “Who done it” in a fantasy setting. Kinda fun to write, especially when I’m trying to make it an enjoyable read, and leaving enough clues that you might be able to figure it out without me plainly stating who it was. We’ll see if my editors can figure it out before the end.

I’ve grown bored of just watching shows on my down time, so that means I’ve been reading more. While I can’t say that these current books are the best thing in the world, they’ve continued to be able to hold my interest through the hours. While they have an interesting story, they also tend to be more erotic than I usually read. So that’s different, but mostly those parts I skim through. They happen at random times, and I find it kinda slows the plot down, but apparently there are enough people out there that want it that their author keeps them in. Of course such things are par for the course when they are written in the genre they are. Harem-lit… a strange sub-genre that I just stumbled into.

Apparently there’s an audience for it, which doesn’t surprise me as an anime fan. Harem tends to be a big one from Japan, and I’ve watched my fair share starting with Tenchi Muyo back in the day. So I guess I don’t find it shocking that English writers have finally caught on to the trend. But luckily the ones I’ve read thus far also happen to incorporate other elements, such as fantasy, or urban fantasy. I don’t think I’d enjoy these harem-lit books otherwise, as the erotic nature isn’t what I find compelling, though it does lead to different things. Rather than boy meets girl, something that most books want to tell, it’s boy meets girls, or girl meets many girls or boys… so that’s something… new. Luckily it isn’t just them hooking up with random people, and then moving on, I don’t think I’d like that. I’d rather see relationships blossom over time, and then finding love.

Love is always good in my opinion, though it is strange to see several people share that together… but I suppose it’s nice, though I’ve found it to be a bit male centric. I suppose such things could happen, but it can come off as a bit… creepy. Though I’ve read other books, written by women, who’ve had similar ideas, though not as erotically written… for the most part. I guess I’ll read anything. I’ve only a few more books in this series, so I’ll finish it up, and hopefully find something else to feed my reading hunger.

And with that random list of ideas I’ll leave you. I hope you enjoy your week, and find fun things to fill your time.


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