The Little Troubles in Life

Howdy folks. Again I’ve returned. I’m sure you’re all surprised and all that.

So, another week, and more writing complete. My latest book is a quarter of the way finished, at least the first draft. Neat. I’m quite happy with it, and there’s some stuff in it that I quite enjoy. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on my own, writing wise, and it’s nice to see, at least to my eyes, I’ve still got it. It’s already about 5% longer than the other book I was working on a few years back, and I’m much happier with where it’s at than I was that book. The old one, when I go back to it, will likely have to be almost completely re-written. It’s a rambling mess, and has very little direction. Though when I went back to look at it I was at least happy to see some of the more visual descriptions I was using. Something I think I was lacking in the first few books I wrote. So at least it has that going for it.

And here is where I complain a little again. Nothing to do with books I’m reading this time, more to do with car trouble… again. So a couple weeks back my poor little beetle lost a battle with another pothole. Nothing too serious, but it did pop a tire. Unfortunately the spare tire wasn’t holding air either, so I was without a car for a couple of days. They apparently didn’t have the tires in stock I needed. But luckily a loaner car was available, but just not that first day. So I lost out on a whole day of work since I couldn’t make it in. So with both loosing those hours and the cost of repair, that was a bit of a hit to my bank account.

The next thing that happened in the amazing adventure of my life was the refrigerator went out. The request for repair was sent in, and a message left on the apartment’s emergency maintenance line. Sadly they were apparently having phone problems and didn’t get it until the next day. So I lost a bit of sleep, I was awake for 24hrs in a row, and I lost quite a bit of food. Another hit to the old bank account.

But there’s a bit of good news. The co-author is mostly better and we were able to do a bit of editing on the book. We’re more than halfway through, so we are mostly back on track. They made an attempt earlier in the week, but all the coughing had us quiting early. We only got a few paragraphs in. But this last session we knocked out a few chapters, so that’s nice.

There’s always something going on it seems. But change, good or bad, is the only constant we can be assured of. I just hope more good things start to happen. If things keep going this way for much longer I’m going to find myself at a loss.

Heh, maybe I should work on my patreon, or set up something else. Maybe even push my other books a bit more. Not that many are out there who can help little old me, but I appreciate those that do. Perhaps I’m just stubbornly working on writing too much, and should do other things that bring in a bit of cash. But I guess my passion for writing wins in most arguments with myself. I hope that my selfishness doesn’t get me into too much trouble.

In the end I just want to be content if not happy, and with where I am at now I am. If not a little poorer than I could be otherwise. I hope you all have such a passion, and can make enough to be contented.

Have a great week, and perhaps make a little time for your interests. It really does make life worth living when you have something you like doing.


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Update: The book is 60% edited. And I’m 25% into the new novel’s first draft.

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