Perfection, nah.

Howdy folks. I’m back, as per usual, and I’m gonna be writing a blog post, imagine that.

So what have I been up to? Well, writing of course. As often is the case I struggled with sleep, though I attempted many things that have worked in the past. But in this restlessness I began thinking about my story. I lingered for several hours in bed, pondering and pondering, and finally came up with an idea that would fill in a section that I had left for later. And today I wrote what I had conceived. Yay for me.

Unfortunately I didn’t do my writing as I thought of it, as I struggled a bit with the wording and world building unlike I did while lying in bed. Sigh, such is the case when idea’s come to you, and you try to remember them instead of utilizing inspiration when it strikes you. However, my excuse is I was actually trying to sleep, and such rest is hard to come by for me.

As for the other book, the one being edited for release this year, we took a bit of a hit in its production. Sadly the co-author was sick, and being the good person I am(heh) I didn’t feel I should push them to edit while they coughed their lungs out. Honestly though, who would force someone to work when they’re sick? Oh yeah, most places who employ people. Of course I do the same to myself when it comes to most things, though when my thoughts are clouded I tend to not write… a fault perhaps on my part as who can say what strange and unusual things I’d write while under the influence of influenza? (heh)

Luckily we got to some editing earlier in the week, so we aren’t too far behind. I can see this book easily coming out in the next few months, but I won’t set it in stone. The cover still needs to be completed even if we get the editing done. And I should probably look over my afterword/author’s note again. Things may have changed, and I know me, I tend to get excited and write things down and think they’re fine even if they aren’t if I don’t review them several times.

You can see that in my blog posts here, several mistakes that I generally don’t fix because either I don’t have time, or because I think it’s a more honest look into how a writer really does need to go back and edit no matter how right they think they got it the first time. Remember that fellow writers, while if it isn’t broke don’t fix it, but it’s always going to be a little defective the first time. And don’t be afraid of change, even if it makes you go through the whole story again fixing little things. Don’t be satisfied with it being fine, make it good. Perfection on the other hand will allude you, but you can still try, just don’t go crazy chasing it.

Some will tell you, if it takes years make sure everything is perfect, but I won’t. I’ll tell you to make it readable, and wipe out any mistakes you can, but hand it off to someone else eventually. They’ll find things you wont, and after that you can make some changes to fix it, then you can be done. Well, make those changes, hand it back, then if it gets the all clear, take a look again, then you can be done.

You can, if you want, spend your whole life attempting the impossible thing of writing the perfect story, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Unless it’s the only story you ever want to write, and on your death bed you can reliably hand it off to someone to publish. Because nothing is perfect. There is no author that will tell you that they are completely satisfied with what they write. If I didn’t force myself onwards I’d still be on my first book. Maybe it’d be better by this time, but I wouldn’t have grown as much as I have at working on other stories.

Still, don’t just think the first thing you write is good enough. You have to find the right balance. Either give yourself a time limit, or a number of times you go through your book editing. That’s a little more difficult when you have a co-author, as what either of you consider reasonable may differ. But either way, find that balance.

Anyhoo, I’m gonna get outta your hair, and let you all get back to living your life. I’ll see ya next week, have a good one.


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