Writing, but Unsure

Hello all. I have returned for yet another weekly post for the blog.

So what’s been going on with you? Me? Well the edits are continuing smoothly. We are halfway through, and we’ve not run into any show stopping problems. Though we did find a little continuity error, but it was easily fixed with an additional sentence and a bit of restructuring. I guess I wasn’t reading as carefully as I thought when I was editing by myself. I suppose that’s down to me mostly looking for grammatical and formating errors.

As to my next book, well I keep having doubts. They all go away when I read what I wrote in previous writing sessions, so there’s that. However, I wind up feeling unsure if I’m writing the correct story. You see, I’m making a bit of an origin story for a new character that I’ve been interested in writing. I have them already fully formed in my head, but now I’m trying to tell the tale of how they got that way, instead of focusing on what I plan for them in a future book.

My brain keeps going back to a series written by Will Wight, and how they intertwined an origin story with what was currently happening. Every other chapter bouncing back and forth. Now I’ve thought of doing this, and I think it would be fascinating, however I keep going back and writing more of this origin story.

If done correctly, this chronological juggling can be quite good and entertaining, and I’d like to try my hand at it one day, but I’m not completely sold on it for this book yet. Who knows, maybe when I’m around half-way through writing I’ll see that I’m going to be short, and start down that path. But currently, since things keep going so smoothly I’ll probably wait. If I get to that point, then I’ll go back and see about filling the book in with another story.

Complicated I know, but I know myself. I tend to write an entire story a bit shorter than my planned word limit. I don’t just want to pad things out with things that don’t contribute to the story. However, I feel I’ve learned quite a bit about writing in my team-up with the co-author, and even now, with only 19K words, I can see that advancement in the way I write.

Since I’m so boring, there’s really nothing else to speak of. I watched a few things, and I’ve read a few things, but unless you have as well I’m not sure it’s even worth talking about. It’s funny how much YouTube I watch about random subjects, at times for research, other times just because I find things amusing.

Since I’m still working with the co-author on this book, I get the chance to discuss what they are writing next. So there’s that. I’d like to think I’m helping out, even if I’ve yet to read what they’re writing, as I’m rather focused on my own book and finishing our edits before we publish our collaboration. But each time we talk, I get an infusion of excitement for writing. I’m glad I helped encourage them, and they encourage me. It’s nice to have someone there that understands the hardships faced by writing.

Luckily I haven’t run into writers block, as I generally force myself to write. That seems to take care of any issues, even if there are times when I stare at the screen blankly for ages. If I just think of my characters as people, I usually am able to figure out what someone like them would do, and another sentence pops into existence.

And now I’m going to stop rambling, and let you get back to life.

I hope you all have a great week.


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