I Love Ranma 1/2

Hello again. Once more another week has passed, and I’m back to write a blog post.

I was thinking awhile ago about what my favorite anime would be. There are several I enjoy, and like to watch over now and again. However, there is one that for some reason remains at the top for me.

Ranma ½.

This show is my comfy space. I’ve seen the first three seasons at least 10 times over the years, and I still go back to it. Admittedly I’m in love with the dub, and have only watched with subtitles once. All the English voice actors just bring me right back to the first time I watched through it. All snuggled up in my bed, a VCR hooked up to my computer, I spent hours enjoying the antics all the characters got up to. All the while probably downloading something on dial-up, likely a new skin for Winamp.

It was even better when I replaced those old worn-out VHS’s with DVD’s, and now I’m not so worried about wearing them out. Admittedly the series gets a little long-in-the-tooth around the third season, and is probably one reason why I don’t watch more. But I liked the first two movies, they are lots of fun and still have the same voice actors. After awhile they got a new cast to dub the show, and that’s when I stopped. They aren’t the ones I grew to love. They do well enough, but it’s just not the same.

So what’s the show about? Well, it’s a bit strange. A boy named Ranma is a martial artist. His father, Genma Saotome, is always training him, and one day decides they should travel to a sacred training ground in China. Unbeknownst to them the training area is filled with cursed pools of water, even though their tour guide continues to try and warn them. During practice they both fall into different pools, one turning Genma into a panda, and the other turning Ranma into a girl. They learn they can change back to normal if they use hot water, but cold water will activate the curse again.

After all this, they return to Japan to meet up with Genma’s friend, Soun Tendo. They have an agreement, to marry their children so the Tendo school of martial arts continues. Soun offers Akane, his youngest daughter, who is an accomplished martial artist in her own right, to Ranma, but neither are having it. This begins the LONG rivalry and animosity between Ranma and Akane. Along the way other fiancé’s show up, Genma being a horrible man who offered Ranma up at the drop of a hat, and wacky martial arts tournaments are fought. Many others show up,who seem to fancy the boy or have their own reasons to fight him, and the cast grows huge.

Even though there are tons characters, we tend to get to know them very well. Once you get in to it you’ll likely find one that’ll be your favorite, though I tend to like all of them for their quirks. Though admittedly I’m not a huge fan of Ranma himself, nor his so-called fiancé Akane. Both are a little too quick to get angry, and they both are imbued with the trope of not being able to express their true feelings.

So why do I love this show so much? Probably because there is such a large cast. Like I’ve said, they all get explored, and by the time you are through the first season you can easily tell what they’re going to do, like you would with a close friend. You can see hints of growth with all the characters, and I love that. However, the downside for the show is that the two main protagonists, Ranma and Akane, are never allowed much growth. They may start liking each other in an episode, but by the time it’s over they are right back to fighting. It gets frustrating, but I love the others so much I can ignore that. It’s there just to keep the story going, and boy does it go on.

There are 7 seasons, 3 movies, and 12 OVA’s. I’ve seen only the first three seasons, the first two movies, and a smattering of the OVA’s. I’ve enjoyed the majority of what I’ve watched, and maybe one day I’ll go back and finish all of it. But it’ll be hard for me because of the change in voice actors. If I do I’ll probably watch it subtitled. I can stand the Japanese, but it’s such a shame that the original English cast wasn’t able to finish it all.

Anyway, as to writing and editing, the new book grows and the edits are going well.

I hope you all have a great week, and if what I’ve said about Ranma ½ intrigues you, give it a watch.


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