Sleeping, As Always, Troublesome

Hello friends, I’m back and ready to spill words upon the Internet.

By ready, of course I mean my mind is blank of ideas, but I’m willing to try.

So what should I talk about today? I noticed no one cared about the beard post, so I’ll keep this short. I cut my beard… and by cut I mean I trimmed it. The year beard is no more, but it’s still rather long.

Another thing is that editing is still progressing. We’ve also discovered a more productive way for us to edit, we swap which one of us reads aloud every paragraph. It’s fun, and also sounds a bit like a play, each of us reading different parts. Though, because of the way it’s written we don’t always read the same parts. It’s fun to see how either of us reads a characters dialogue. So we’ve been having a good time.

Also, we both have made some headway into our own books. I can’t say for sure how far they are in theirs, but I’m doing well, as I’m generally making 2% progress every week. As usual, some days are harder than others, but since I give myself a word-count goal each time, it makes sure that I put in enough effort to reach it. Even if that effort drives me crazy, and I stare at the screen for several minutes at a time until I can figure out what I should write next. But I’ve found it helpful to go over what I’ve written, sometimes from the beginning, if I get stuck on certain parts.

Now for a little side tangent. I’ve been having trouble sleeping, no new thing there. However, I think I’ve found something that helps me. This is taken from something I read long ago, though I’ve modified it a bit. When I lay down my mind is filled with a multitude of different thoughts. Worries, or interesting ideas that I want to explore. At times I’m so enthralled I attempt to mentally design strange inventions. This of course isn’t anyway to relax, and my mind just speeds up and I can’t drift off to sleep.

To combat this, I think of a black-hole. I feed it all my thoughts until I’m focused on nothing but its ever hungry darkness. Thus emptied, I relax, and at times I can get comfortable and sleep. It takes quite a lot of effort to maintain this focus, as my brain just wants to play around with ideas, but after a time I am asleep. I still find that I can only stay in bed for around four hours, but when I get up to putter around the place, I can return to bed and get a bit more rest. So far it’s helping, and I hope it continues to do so. Though I’m afraid eventually it’ll stop being of any help, as so often other things have.

I apparently am not built to sleep, though I suffer its lack. In years past, when I had a bit more freedom with my schedule, I found that the best sleep-cycle for me was to read until I was tired, sleep for a few hours, get up and do something productive for a half-hour, read a bit more, and finish the second half of my sleep. You can see why this isn’t entirely possible anymore, as when work calls for a specific schedule it’s hard to maintain.

Until I retire completely from the workforce, which is never likely to happen, I shall be tired. Luckily such things as coffee and tea exist, as after a bit of that I feel fully awake and am ready for the day. At times I worry that I rely on caffeine too much, and that part of my sleeping issue is caused by consuming it too often, but I tend to not drink any when I have days off, and don’t notice its lack save for a bit of lethargy after just waking up. Normal even when I take coffee, however I love the taste and the feeling after a cup so I don’t see myself giving it up.

All of which I find funny, as when I was in high school I took a substance abuse class, and my paper was on caffeine. I didn’t get a good grade on that, and I tend to think the teacher didn’t like me casting it in a bad light. But not having experienced any other substance I felt that my own experience with coffee, even back then, would help me write a paper, as apposed to just listing things that other people had written down from their experience, or studies. Apparently they felt differently.

Anyway, I’m off for today. Until next time, get some sleep.


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