Bearding it Up

Hello again. I’m back for yet another blog post. I say this, or something like it every time. Sorry about that.

So anyway, today I’m going to talk about something a little different. This last year I wanted to try something out that I’d never done before. I grew out my beard. It has been around a year, I don’t remember exactly when I started, and now it’s fairly large. As a bonus, once it grew out a bit I started receiving complements on it, after I styled the beard of course. Waking up it’s a mess(heh).

So why did I do this? For a few reasons. The first one was while I had a beard for most of my adult life, I’d never grown it out. I’m a bit obsessed with being very neat with my appearance. Meaning I’d continually trim my beard and mustache constantly. And the mustache was a huge problem. As soon as a hair touched my lip I’d unconsciously chew it off, especially if I couldn’t find scissors in time. Not good, and certainly not a thing I’m proud of, but everything had to be perfect in my mind. As a challenge to myself I made sure I wouldn’t constantly pull at or cut the beard.

The next reason was I wanted to see how it looked. Well, I like it most days, but it does make eating harder, or at least messier. Straws are a requirement for most drinks, and anything that is a little messy will wind up in the beard. So constant washing/rinsing the facial hair is a thing. And yet I persevered.

Another thing, in the past I had attempted a handlebar mustache. It was thin, and not very impressive, to me at least, but I wanted to give it a go again. Now the thing is so long that it looks ridiculous to me if I don’t do it up properly. I’m still getting a handle(heh) on it. Mustache wax and or styling balm can only do so much, especially if they get wet while drinking anything.

All this has also been a learning experience. We each have our own type of hair. Some curlier than others, or thinner or thicker, and need to take care of them differently. I spent many… many hours watching tutorials about maintenance or styling, and while I’m no expert I can certainly point to a video that can help. There are a surprising amount of tools you’ll find you’ll need once your beard gets a bit long. For instance a comb, but not a plastic one. Those things are molded, and they leave behind little plastic bits that’ll pull out your hair. A nice wooden comb fixes that. And all the different types of hairbrushes that are recommended. I still don’t have a small round brush needed to properly round out a beard. However with having long hair myself, I had a number of brush options. And don’t forget a hairdryer. Nothing can manage your hair quite like a hairdryer.

Beard Oil. Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. If you are used to, like I am, to aftershave you might like this stuff. If you get the right one, they’ll smell heavenly. I’ve used aftershave as a type of cologne for years, but since I’ve limited my shaving to just straightening out my cheek line there isn’t much call for it. Also beard oil will help your skin, in fact that’s one of the main reasons to use it. If you are worried about dandruff and the like, this stuff can really help. Before I’d notice a bit of snow if I scratched my short beard, but now, even as long as it is, I don’t see any of that. Also it helps itchiness, as while you grow out a beard it can become almost intolerable without it.

In the end I’ve found growing out a beard a form of self control. It has helped me in other areas, perhaps, and I find that even more so now that if I set myself a task I will do it. It never was a huge problem, but there were times where I would slip and ignore my self imposed goals.

Thus ends my tangent into beards. At least for today. The edits progress, and my new book grows.


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