Truth on the day of Lies

Welcome one and all. I’ve returned again.

So here we are on the day that is filled with false rumors and silly japes. Now I’m not one to fault those who wish to tell a little fib for the sake of humor, but it does bring a bit of falseness to the world today. Hopefully it’ll all go away soon.

Anyway, I’ll first of all state plainly that what I’m telling today is not a lie. The book is coming along nicely, and the co-author and I are editing at a decent pace. I say this, but perhaps you’d think it slow if I tell you that we’ve made it through the first chapter and are already halfway through the second. That might not seem quick, but when I edited it was a week per chapter, so I think it’s going well by comparison.

Now to what I’m doing in the time that I’m not with the co-author. I’ve begun writing another book. Before we started our book I was writing a couple by myself. One was about a third finished, but I’d lost the narrative somewhere before then. I’ll likely go back to it eventually, but I had another I’d started that I felt compelled to complete. This one is fantasy, as opposed to the sci-fi I generally write when by myself. I’d say this offers more freedom, but it also forces a writer to write their own world instead of relying on the real one. Luckily I have ideas about how to flesh it out. Shoving together ideas from things I’ve read, and offering new twists that others may have thought of before. It’s going very well.

It’s been awhile since I wrote anything, not just editing. It feels good. I spent most of the weekend thinking of new things, and getting excited. There’s nothing like that energy you get when you are making something new. I felt that way as I was getting back into drawing, and now it’s burning inside me for writing. Again I know this is what I want to do with my life.

A bonus would be to get paid for it. I think that’s a dream for most of us who love creating. So fingers crossed. I hope that as more books that I write come out more people will read them. Perhaps then I’ll be able to write more often. As it is I’ll write anyway, though limited in time to do so currently. But I have high hopes for the book the co-author and I’ve written.

In the end, I’m happy. Happy to have written, and happily writing. I’m glad I live in a world where it’s vastly easier to write(word-processor) and publish(online). The tools we are granted these days allow any one of us to write and bring a vast collection of ideas into the world, whereas before they would just reside in one persons head. I attempt to read as much as I can, even of those who are like myself and are not well-known instead of just those already famous. And while sometimes they have flaws that might have been smoothed out if they were attached to a publishing house, I’m quite fond of the stories they have to tell.

And with that I’ll leave you with this. Go out and find a book in the genre you like. One written by someone unknown, or someone you haven’t heard of. Give it a chance, and maybe you’ll be surprised. Just look at my own Goodreads list if you happen to like sci-fi or fantasy. You’ll probably see someone you haven’t heard of before. Again, give them a chance.


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Update TLDR: The book is being edited. 6% into the new novel.

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