A Little Marketing, A Lot of Humor

Hello you. All of you. I’m again here to write this blog thing.

I’d like to thank those of you who replied to my previous post. You tended to agree it’s hard to make a splash at all out there. There seems to be a general consensus that you already need to be well known before you can expect any type of advertising to work. That and marketing your book will be the hardest part, because even though you can purchase eyes, it doesn’t translate to sales. Simply because there is a well circulated ad or something, that doesn’t mean anyone will click on it. Your name or brand already needs to be in the public consciousness before it’ll make a difference.

I suppose one way to get known would be to attach yourself to someone already famous, or at least well regarded as a trend setter. For me, not likely. I’m not the social type, though I suppose if there was any interest I’d make the rounds. Rounds being podcasts or any type of interview if there was interest. I can’t think there would be, but if there was, just get in touch. I think here or my twitter would be the easiest. I guess I’m just saying I’m willing, but I’m not out to force myself on anyone. That and talking for too long wears me out. I guess I really am the introverted type.

But I haven’t let this discourage me at all. I’m still writing. I’ve moved over to my next book, and have already written several thousand words. This isn’t to say the previous book is finished. I’ve talked with the co-author, and they agree it’s time for us to review the book together. This means we’re going to set aside time a few days a week to read through it jointly. I’m excited, as this means we’re nearly finished with this multiple year writing process. I think this has led to a better novel than otherwise, and I’m happy I’ve had the chance to work with someone so closely in creating this story.

It has really opened my eyes working with them. I’ve lost a bit of that self-doubt that I’m sure plagues us all. I’ve found that my first instinct is generally the best, and just write whatever I feel like. If it turns out that it wasn’t great, I just delete it and move on. Before I’d agonize for hours sometimes before I’d write anything because I wanted it to be as close to perfect before I’d write another sentence. Now, I know it just doesn’t matter. If it’s good, cool, if it’s not, there are other days when I’d write better. But it’s better to just push forward with the story than linger on a scene. Another day will show you the way, and you can fix anything after the fact.

The book that we’re editing started as a bit of a joke. Or at least we were just going to write all the silly stuff that we thought was funny, and try to make a story out of it. So yes, there were some really weird things in the beginning, but as the book progressed we began to drop some of those strange yet funny scenes. They had no place in the story we were creating. I at first lamented their loss, but now reading back through multiple times, I realize they didn’t add anything, and they slowed the story down. Or at least were out of place. I think the book still has some humorous elements, but it has really been toned down versus that first draft.

This is what has helped clear up some of that doubt. I’ll just write whatever dumb thing I’m thinking of, and move on. Yes it may not fit, but it’ll still have elements you can work with either then or later when editing. I think that’s the best lesson I wish to impart. Don’t worry about if it makes perfect sense at the time, keep writing. You’ll clean it up later. And who knows, maybe those funny little sentences and paragraphs can hang around with the other more serious parts. Or maybe they are hidden gems that’ll help the story along. Just have fun, it’ll be better than slogging away at something you can’t really connect with. Use your own humor to work. If you laugh, that means you are enjoying those characters you are writing. Don’t be afraid to be a bit silly.

And with that, I’ll leave you for the week. May you find inspiration, and have a little less doubt in those things you create. TTFN

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Update TLDR: Started writing a new book. Editing in jointly with the co-author begins

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