I Read Aloud the First Chapter

Hello world. I’m back again with the weekly update.

So, what have I been up to this time? Not too much really. I went into work for a few hours to train another employee, but what little they didn’t already have down they learned quickly. But it did allow me to get in a bit more walking than usual.

As for my exercise, it was a little lighter than most of my recent weekends. I went in during the day-shift, so my sleep schedule was off. This all means I wasn’t able to get in my regular chopping up blocks to music. So I’ll probably double up tonight with two hours of heart pumping action in Beat Saber.

Also, since I knew my schedule was going to be messed up, I hopped online to chat with a few of my old internet buddies. They were all playing games, and since I’m on Linux, and I didn’t want to invest either time or money into getting something to work, I just sat there chatting with them. In the end, after there were only a few people left, in my boredom, and my sense of trolling, I decided I’d start reading aloud the first chapter of my latest book.

I thought they’d all shout me down. In fact I planned on it. I just wanted to get a reaction out of them. Instead they encouraged me to continue, so I read the whole first chapter to them. It’s basically done, so I wasn’t concerned that I was reading a flawed product, but I didn’t think they’d want to “waste” their time on listening to me. Turns out I was wrong, and they all said they liked it, and tried to get me to read more.

They also said I should do an audiobook version of it, reading it myself. Whoo boy. I dunno about that. Every time I read aloud a book, and think of all the editing needed, let alone the retakes required for it to sound professional, I appreciate the work that the readers and audio engineers put into the audiobooks I’ve listened to in the past. I’m not sure if I’m up to the challenge, even though I do like reading books to people. I’ll think about it I suppose, but I’ll want to talk to the co-author about it.

There’s so much I want to do, but only so much time. I’ve wanted to re-start my podcast. I want to do a livestream where I read my books to people. I want to finish all these books I’m partway through. I want to write another book with the co-author, and I want to finish this book. It just never feels like there’s enough time, nor does it feel like I have enough energy to do all these things. It takes everything out of me when I write or edit, and I need to do something else to recharge. Perhaps I can work out a schedule that lets me do it, but I’ve not discovered it yet.

As for editing, the co-author continues, as do I. I’m not sure if we’re being perfectionists, but I think the product will show the effort we’re putting into it. I’m already back up to chapter 14 again, and it’s flowing nicely. We’ve talked about it, and I think we’ve cut all the slow pieces that were there in the beginning, and have worked mightily hard on the wording. I’m quite proud of what we have, and can’t wait to show you all.

Well, I think that’s it for now. I hope you all have a great week. TTFN

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Update TLDR: Edited a bit, exercised a bit, watched some shows.

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