A Few Shows I’m Watching

Howdy folks. I’m back for another of my weekly posts.

So what have I been up to you might ask? Well, what can I say? I’ve just been doing my normal thing of reading, working, and editing. Also I’ve been keeping up with my so-called exercise. That being Beat Saber for an hour at a time, though I’ve upped my game. I’m mostly using the song speed up feature, on hard mode, and boy can I tell you I get rather sweaty.

If there is another game out there that can give me such a cardio work out in VR space I’ve yet to find it, but I suppose I haven’t really been looking. But fortunately I’ve not grown too bored with this game. Admittedly I’d like a greater selection of songs, though I’ve heard there will be more coming soon, so there is that. I’m sorry about going on and on week to week about this game, but I’ve little to talk about otherwise.

I also noted that the Punisher season two dropped recently. I’ve watched around 9 episodes so far, but if I’m honest I don’t think it’s nearly as good as the first. It’s still good, but I really enjoyed the first season, so I suppose it’s hard to match it for me. Same thing with Jessica Jones, as my favorite part of that first season was David Tennant’s character. But at least Punisher got another season. I’m still upset that there’ll be no more Iron Fist, though again, that first season was my favorite of the two that were released.

I also started the Shield Hero anime. I had read a number of chapters of the manga a while ago, and it seems to be keeping true to what was there. I will say I found the first half of the first episode a little slow, but it soon picked up the pace. The second episode kept up that momentum as well, and I’m finding it a fun and interesting story. As much as any average isekai show is these days are, save for those gems like the Slime anime, and Overlord. Hopefully this one stays entertaining, though I think it’ll have enough viewer-ship due to some outspoken people who don’t appear to be completely familiar with the story.

As for the book, it’s going well. I’m of course still going through it(I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve re-read it). To me it reads very well, so I’ve not been doing too much to it. I did note I missed out on the use of a word several times in one paragraph today, so I changed that. A few words needed pruning, and some tenses were a bit awkward, so those were re-worded. But for the most part there’s not too much for me to do. All these changes didn’t “need” to happen, but I suppose I’m going for the best version of the story while the co-author finishes up their own edits. Perhaps that’s why they remained unchanged from those previous times I had gone through the story. But I again will reiterate how good it is to have the computer read back what you write. You can more easily hear mistakes this way, and I was able to catch many things I hadn’t when I was just reading the book to myself. So if you are ever writing anything, I heartily recommend using this feature.

But enough of my rambling about nothing. Until next time, I hope you all have an enjoyable week.

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Update TLDR: Edited a bit, exercised a bit, watched some shows.

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