Smartwatches and Beat Saber

Howdy folks. I’m back for the new year.

First I’d like to apologize to those of you who look forward to my weekly post for not doing a great job these last couple of weeks. With work and it being the holidays I didn’t have much free time. That and I didn’t give myself any time to work on my writing stuff. This is my fault, as that time of year makes me want to relax and not do much of anything.

That being said, the co-author put in a ton of work on the book, and edits are moving forward. Today I reviewed a few chapters from what they edited, and things are looking good. This of course means after my little break I’m reinvigorated. So perhaps I’ll hold off a little while before I fully commit myself to starting another book, though I’ve done a bit of work on this new one recently. However, if the co-author keeps up at the pace they’ve been recently, I could see myself just working on reviewing their edits. I’d just be cleaning things up a bit, as they like to add to the story as they go, which means there’s a bit of work for me to look at and tweak as needed.

Now on to a little story. I love smartwatches. My first foray into this tech was the original Pebble. I loved it, but I wanted more. It still functioned, but it was beginning to have issues, and as I can be a bit vocal about my frustrations, my father took pity on me.

He sent me a Moto360, and I wore it for nearly two years. It was bright, pretty, and did all the things I wanted. However, in the last few months it began having issues holding a charge. I looked into repairing it(I would have to replace the battery), but I didn’t quite feel up to the challenge. So instead, I went back to the Pebble. At first it was refreshing how simple it was, and I was quite satisfied by its functionality. I had forgotten that their had been issues with charging, and only after a couple of weeks did it rear its head. While I had gotten it to charge at first, the proceeding times it just didn’t seem to work, and eventually it powered down for the last time.

Then the co-author noting my plight, went to a used tech store and found a Pebble watch for me. They weren’t exactly sure what they had gotten, nor do I think the store knew, as it was a Pebble 2-HR. The very last version Pebble as a company put out. Cheaper by far than I found when I went looking online to see what they were going for these days, so a good buy. Now with a heart rate monitor, it still offers the same simplicity that the original had, though it certainly feels snappier.

Now why am I so taken by smartwatches? To me it feels like having an extra sense. I no longer have to rely on the sound of a notification, I can simply feel it. I can easily glance down and see what’s going on, and I don’t have to take my phone out of my pocket. Or I can simply leave my phone in another room and still remain connected. Perhaps not the best thing for when I’m writing, but I still like to have it. When I didn’t have a smartwatch, I felt cut off. Like I was missing a piece of myself. To me it’s like having a bit of augmentation that I enjoyed removed. Now that it’s back, I feel whole once more.

Another thing that happened since last I posted was I was able to play with a little game called Beat Saber. A VR rhythm game that requires you to slice cubes with light swords. The first time I tried it was with a friends’ HTC Vive, and it was fantastic, even if I wasn’t. Fortunately I have access to a PS4, and at the same time my Pebble watch was purchased, move controllers were acquired. Meaning I could play this game at home now. And boy have I.

I spend about an hour each session slicing away at these cubes. I’ve been getting better and better, and I truly enjoy the music selection they have. There is one down side, at least to me though. There aren’t as many songs as I’d like. If I could import my own music it wouldn’t be a problem, though I understand why that hasn’t been an option. The stages are tailor-made to each song, and then again for each skill level. So far I can generally make it through normal with no misses, and at least make it to the end of each song on hard, but expert mode eludes me. And of course, there is something I call impossible, that being the single saber mode. I can’t see how it can be done successfully. Though I will continue to practice. Maybe one day I’ll get there. And having a smartwatch that notes my activity has gained me more steps and heartbeats that I can have taken down. A bonus to my Pokemon Go addiction, as it now uses my Google Fit data to count towards steps in-game. Thus gaining me candy for my Pokemon, and helping me hatch eggs.

Other than that I’ve done little else, save continue my usual gluttonous reading schedule. I’m around two or three books a week now, so that’s good for my education in story telling, and entertainment. So there is that, though of course when I have a free chance I’m still watching random shows. To list a few that I’ve been watching recently – Lucifer, The Magicians, Grimm, Laid Back Camp, Backstreet Girls, and likely my favorite recently That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. I’m not going to review any of these here, but I can say I’ve enjoyed each one in their own way.

With that I’ll leave you here. I’ll keep working on this book, and keep reading as always. I hope you all have had a good holiday season, and may this new year be even better than the last.

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Update: Doing a bit of editing after the co-author put in a great effort. Trying to exercise more.

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