Update: Note and Package

Hello again. I’m back, and ready to relate some things.

So first I want to say that the USPS did deliver my package. I know the problem was likely due to it being near the holidays. That’s never a fun time for delivery people, nor to retailers. But everything worked itself out, and I have what I ordered.

I’ve also completed my author’s note. You might find it strange that it’s done while the book is still being worked on, but for the most part the book is finished. At least from my side. I’ll likely give it another run through after the co-author finishes theirs, but for now I’ll be focusing on other things.

What other things? Well I’ve a few books I could get back to writing. I’m fairly sure which one I’m going to go with, and I’ll start with a fresh outline. Looking back on what I’ve already written I’m surprised there’s so little. Perhaps over the last couple of years I added to it in my head, but never wrote anything down. Hence my desire to write an outline. I’ve already an idea of where I want it to start and end, along with some middle bits. I think when I was first working on it I was simply writing what came to me, instead of having any idea where it was going. Now I think I’m ready to flesh it out.

Other than that I’ve been brainstorming with the co-author on the next book they want to write(we can’t always be working on just one book of course). They’ve a pretty good idea of what they want, but it’s always nice to talk to someone else to iron kinks out. I’ll likely be helping out on their book, though it may just be editing. Same for them with whatever next I write. I did enjoy writing a book with them, so whatever they want, I’m willing.

I’ve missed the more active part of creating when first writing a story. Editing can be tedious, though fulfilling, but it’s not something where you make huge changes, though you might. If your original draft is mostly decent, there’s not much else to do but push on. Then again whole new chapters could be necessary, or things may need to be cut, but it’s nothing like that first draft.

Hours of brainstorming. Laughing at all the silly things that you could include, but probably shouldn’t, that’s what I call fun. Through the laughter a story forms, and you start grasping what your story is really about. I’ve a tendency for the absurd, so I sometimes need to have someone rein me in. Another reason to have a person to bounce ideas off of. Even an audience of one can help you find what should be included, and what you really should cut.

That’s about it for now. If you’re writing, keep it up. I hope you all have a good week.

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Update: Author’s Note complete, working on an outline for a new book. Co-author continues editing.

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