An Author and Package Problems

Hello you. How is it going?

Me? Oh, I suppose I’m alright. I’ve just been editing, and after that tried my hand at writing an Author’s Note. How’s that going you ask? Well I think I wrote a fair amount in one day for it. Probably because it’s been a bit since I actually set down to do writing instead of editing. Two different mind spaces, as I think I’ve told you before.

So what is an Author’s Note? Generally it’s about the book. Any notes that might be needed/fun to have expanded upon that couldn’t fit in the story. Well I’m doing that, but I’m also doing a bit of sharing about the co-author and how we came to work together. I’ve found I like reading a bit about the author in these notes, so I’m doing it too. Sure I could just focus on the book, but heck, I think it’s important to give a little backgrounder on who I’m working with. I’ll see if they do the same, or even if they’ll do a note at all, but I suspect they’ll want to respond to some of my comments.

Another thing I’ve done is reading(of course). Now I don’t shout out too many authors, especially those who are still alive, as an author who has passed is one you can examine entirely, but I do want to share something about this one. I’ve not read anything in recent memory that has this element. What element would I call it? Shonen. Basically the name is of Japanese origin, and I’m using it in the same context used to categorize their manga and anime.

This author has power progression that you find in the best of the anime/manga genre down. Someone who is basically powerless grows into someone formidable, and you are given all the steps in between. I’m genuinely excited to read what happens next, and that doesn’t happen all the time. So kudos.

This author is Will Wight, someone I wasn’t exactly sure of when I first picked up Unsouled, but couldn’t put the series down as it went. And now I’m nearly done with his other series The Traveler’s Gate Trilogy. I think I’ll just have to ‘force’ myself to read his other books. (sigh)What a horrible thing, heh. I think any young adult/teen will have a ton of fun reading his work, and heck, if you’re like me and enjoy a bit of that Shonen flair, you’ll probably love it too.

Otherwise I’ve just been working, and having a one sided fight with the post office. Ordering things online while living in an apartment has it’s downsides, mostly that they sometimes don’t want to deliver packages. Add to that me working at night, and not having access to my car during the day so I can’t pick up my mail at the post office even if I could get myself out of bed when they’re open isn’t helping. We’ll see if I ever get my package. If I don’t I’ll be quite upset. Even after giving further instructions it hasn’t helped, but(sigh) I’ll keep my fingers crossed. This doesn’t happen often.

I hope you all have a great week, and get all your mail!

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Update: Just doing another read through, co-author is being thorough.

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