Growing as a Creator

Hello. How’s it going?

Me? Well I’m alright I suppose. I’ve gone through the book at least four times, and I’m doing another pass to meet back up to where the co-author is. They’ve been able to edit and review a bit more since last time, and even listened to my advice about using text-to-speech to help edit. So there’s that.

Else-wise I’ve just been reading more, and going through the book in my free time. You could say we’re well on the way to having this book ready for release. We are definitely more than halfway through editing, but that may not be saying much. It took about a year to get the first draft finished, and we’re only in the 10th month of editing.

Now some people say it should take at least much time to edit, or revise, your first draft as it did to write it. I’m not one to hold with absolutes when it comes to creating things. Certainly I think their rule speaks on the side of caution, no one wants to release an imperfect creation, however it is up to you the creator to decide when such things are done. Unless of course you are working with a publisher or team to complete a book or such thing. I do suggest putting a large effort into making sure you are releasing something that is as perfect as you can, but don’t beat yourself up too much if there are errors. Yes you should put some due diligence into editing, but you won’t please everyone.

Let me go back to my first three books. Those I wrote to prove to myself that I could do it. I’m sure those that have read or will read them in the future will find grievous mistakes, probably in sentence structure. I did my best, and had several people read over it, while I wrote and after, but as humans we won’t find all errors. As to how it’s written, well, I’ve not come across anything too similar. It likely rubs people the wrong way, and I don’t blame them. As I’ve said I wrote them to see if I could, and since I’d never written something as long as a book, I wrote what I knew. Myself, and my own stream of consciousness.

Now a few more books under my belt, I don’t think I could even write like that again. Maybe if I’d held off until I got a bit more experience under my belt they’d be better, but they wouldn’t be the same. I like them, though admittedly it’s embarrassing to look back at them with my ever-growing critical eye. However, to me, they are a glimpse of who I was, and what I was thinking. Certainly there are huge swaths of things that haven’t changed in me since then, but it’s those differences that I find interesting. The political climate, religion, and all those things that were important to me at the time. But always the search for truth, be it universal or personal, are always inherent in what I write.

Working with another person so closely has changed the way I write as well. Hopefully I’m learning a little on how to write like them, and if I have anything to add, they are learning as well. In the end, each book I write I grow. Until I start writing worse, heh. But I’ll keep writing, and keep reading. I learn something everyday about storytelling, and try to incorporate each thing I find enjoyable in things I read and watch, and this is why I have a feeling this next book will be a better example of what I think a book should be. And the next one will be another step.

Whether or not another person finds each step in my progress better or worse, I get closer to what I think of as good writing. So don’t give up, keep working and get better. No one starts off perfect, and no one is perfect no matter how good they are. We are our own worse critics, but that helps us to try to achieve the best version of ourselves.

I hope you all have a good week, I’ll see you next time.

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