A Useful Tool

Hello friends and readers. I’m back again, though a day late.

Work has led me to weird sleep habits, as I’ve been not only doing my usual night-shifts, but day-shifts as well this last month. I’m tired, or at least I usually am. But troubles don’t end there. Again car issues have raised their head, however there’s not much to say save more money would be useful.

Once more I’ve used my text-to-speech program, and I’m finding things moving much quicker while I edit. Little things are caught, such as missing words, or wrong tenses. I highly recommend using a program to read your work aloud while you edit. You can’t trust your own eyes to interpret your words correctly, and another human might do the same if they look at it. We have an inherent way of interpreting things in a way that make sense. As such, having a non-thinking program read things verbatim certainly points out issues much easier, especially when you hear really awkward dialogue.

However I have a complaint. The program I’m using sounds awful. It took me a little while to get used to the voice, or at least be able to make sense of the gibberish it spews. Apparently I’ve yet to find the correct voice/program to use for my Linux computer. I’ve had great luck with voices on android, and apparently apple has good ones as well. I assume windows has a good built-in voice, but like with anything besides Linux and android, I know nothing first hand. But while I complain, what I have is a useful tool. And now I don’t have to strain my eyes reading off of the computer screen.

I let my eyes wander elsewhere this time around. I play mahjongg or other simple puzzle games while I listen, and when I hear something jarring I can easily pause the playback, and jump back into change things. It’s useful, and is much less intense than the multiple times I’d already read through this book. But I still find it quite surprising the little things I’ve missed. Must be my tiredness shining through. I thought I was being careful, but now that I am utilizing another tool I think the book will be greatly improved because of it.

But as I’ve said, I’m tired. So I’ll leave you here. Until next time, have a great week.

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