Just a book update

Hello again. I’m back on my usual day this week. Obviously.

The book is progressing very well, and the co-author continues to turn out edits, and I continue to review and edit myself. I’m looking ahead a bit as well. Contemplating different word-processors and work flows that might be utilized on future products.

Speaking of which, the co-author was struck by inspiration, and could not stop themselves from starting on a new book. We’ve talked about the story a few times before, but they got the itch, so they had to write. They’ve asked if I’d like to work on it as well, and I’ve said yes. Of course I offered my services first, heh. But this looks like we may have a long-term partnership in writing together.

It’s been wonderful to work with them. We both are similar, but different enough that it gives us both something we are strong at, and we can pair them up and have the best version of our vision put to page. I can’t speak for them, but working with them has made me a better writer.

Of course there are other things at work when it comes to my growth as a writer. I randomly look up videos of people talking about writing, and editing. Random things stick, and I implement them just to see what such things look like. The good ones tend to last longer, and it changes me and how I do things. So thanks to other creatives that take the time to note certain things that first timers and newbies may not think of. And it doesn’t hurt to have my insatiable reading habit.

Other than that, not much is going on here. Save my lack of sleep driving me slightly crazy. But this happens now and again. But as for the book, I think we’re looking at months instead of years for completion and publication. My recollection tells me we started this book in either December of 2016 or January 2017, so it’s been awhile. My other books were done a bit faster, but I had more free time then. Given the amount of time we have to work on the book week to week I think we’re doing pretty good. So look forward to updates about the book in the next few months. Maybe I’ll even share the title, and the premise soon.

Just a note. The editing is slowing down. I’m getting really picky about what I change and clarify, so there is that. And as this is likely one of my last pass throughs, I’m really challenging myself to make sure things are as perfect as I can make them. So hopefully the finished product will be a good read for you all.

Until next time, have a great week.

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Update: An estimated 83% into editing

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