I’m Just Complaining Again

Howdy folks. I’m back again.

So what have I been up to? Well I’ve mentioned the fact that my phone was trying to kill me, again. I also mentioned that I swapped it out for an old phone that I had. One who’s microphone didn’t work, who had a dead spot on the screen, and who’s charging port didn’t work. Well guess what? Now the screen keeps blinking, and randomly pressing buttons all over that place. So if I have your contact information it’s likely you may have received a random text, email, or whatever the phone happened to feel like doing at the time.

Time for the next back up phone. This one is even older, and has so little memory that it can barely run half the time. But it will make calls, the screen while small will allow me to read, and it works with wifi and 4G. That being said I can’t install many apps. I just have the kindle app installed, the rest is taken up by android and all the apps that come with that. So if you have tried to contact me this last week with anything besides texting and calls I probably didn’t get it. Heck, even using the built in browser doesn’t work half the time. I have to keep clearing the cache on the phone and browser to keep the phone from lagging so much that I can’t use it at all. Luckily I have an old tablet, that while has its own issues, tends to make up for the phone’s short comings. Though it is a hassle to lug both of them around.

That being said, I’m still waiting on my actual replacement phone to make its way to me. According to tracking it’s still in China, but I knew it would take forever to get here. I just didn’t think my backup phones would keep going to crap. Had I known that I might have paid a little more for the luxury of getting it here faster. Oh first world problems, how irritating you are.

I know I’m spoiled when it comes to having these devices, but man is it frustrating to have conveniences disappear. Perhaps that’s a sign I’m overly attached to them. Then again I’ve always been one to try to adopt the latest and greatest thing. Maybe not the bleeding edge, as my wallet can’t sustain such things, but within a few years time I tend to find myself desiring them.

Without the use of all those social media apps I’m feeling a little less stressed. Certainly the first few days I was craving them. I felt lonely. But then again, loading up a page with all the people you follow isn’t the same thing as talking to them. Now though, I’m not anxiously awaiting the next post. I’m more interested in what I’m reading.

And that’s the thing. I still can use this old phone for reading. Heck, if I really needed to I could use the tablet for that, though these days it seems a bit big for the task. I’d just load it up before I leave to a place without wifi, and I’d be golden. Unless I happen to finish the book. That’s happened, but before I had the option of downloading a new one while on the go. Now, not so much.

There are issues with the old phone, and one of them is the kindle store sometimes refuses to work. I don’t mean it won’t let me read. I mean the store just won’t load correctly, or it crashes when I try to purchase something.

Okay okay, enough complaining for one day. Truly we live in a future world. These issues are really not all that bad. If I really wanted to I could carry around one of the hundreds of actual physical books I own. It just wouldn’t be convenient. But that’s the name of the game these days. And when such things aren’t available to us, we tend to get a little upset.

Moving on. I’ve just gotten through my third pass through of the book. It’s looking good. The co-author was able to do some work on it this weekend as well. Looks like they took a dislike to a chapter and rewrote a bunch of it. So I’ll be checking that out the next time I edit.

Another thing, I finally used the spelling and grammar check for the whole document instead of simply as I went along. You’d figure I’d do that when I was going through it the first time, but I’ve found that tends to mess me up. I like to get to know the story before I start accepting what a computer thinks things should be. And it looks like I was right to do so. I didn’t find anything I didn’t expect. It mostly didn’t like the Norse names I’m using. Other than that, it looks golden. So one more pass through and we should be ready.

Until next time, I hope you all have better luck with your phones.

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