How I Keep Writing

Hello all.

It has been four years since I published my first book. In that time I’ve released four other books. One of course is the poetry book, which isn’t the usual fare I put out. However the other three were novels. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished in this time, and I’m taking great effort in getting this latest book finished.

At least to me this shows my commitment to writing. I had a few times where I wasn’t sure of myself, and I couldn’t think of another thing to write. Those times I doubted I’d be able to write another book. Fortunately I’ve read of such things and took action to make sure I didn’t quit.

One way I’ve found that keeps me actively writing is to write something else. Whenever I feel I have nothing to add, and I’ve really tried at it many times, I switch to a different book. This has led to several partially started books that I go back to now and again. Some are further along than others, and one was a novel I was really focusing on before the co-author suggested writing this latest book together. I feel I’ve grown as a writer since then, so that book will have to be worked on before I really get back to writing it.

Another way to make sure I keep up writing is routine. I write in the same place, same time, and listen to the same music. Does that sound boring? Well there is a reason for it. I learned this from talking to people about meditation. When you want to return to the same frame of mind, such as in meditating, you make sure to do it in the same way you did last time. That way you aren’t distracted by any newness. This has helped me focus only on writing, and not on anything else.

Speaking of distractions, leave your phone elsewhere. Those constant notifications can take you away from your flow. And if you have a way of doing it, stay away from social media and email if you are writing on a computer. Yes I usually have a browser open when I write, and a huge amount of tabs loaded and ready to dive into, but I mostly use it for streaming my music playlist. Those other tabs are for emergency thesaurus use or checking up on some things you’ve looked up before. Don’t go into the black hole of looking things up in the middle of writing, that’ll take you away from the flow. I generally only research things well in advance of a writing session, then I leave the tabs open to go back for notable things and double checking my memory. Taking notes might be better, but having a tab dedicated to one topic tends to help instead of looking at a list of things I want to include.

Now this is for me personally, but having a window to look out of helps me think. I’m lucky to have always had tree’s and nature to look at, even though I currently live in a city. Just watching the leaves bounce in the wind distracts me and lets my mind build onto the story I’m working on. If I’m ever stuck on a scene all I have to do is glance out at nature and let my mind work. It’s very relaxing to me. Yes distractions are bad, but since it’s just a relaxing scene I don’t have to focus on anything really going on. It’s just nature doing it’s thing. Personally I like a nice sunny day, but rain and snow are good for me too. Though I admit any type of storm can exhilarate me too much, and I have a hard time sitting still.

Mostly I’m saying keep a routine, and don’t let yourself get distracted. That’s what works for me, and maybe it can work for you.

With that I leave you. I hope you have an enjoyable week.

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