Attempted murder by phone

Oh dear, it seems I’m back.

So what will I talk about this week? How about phone troubles.

So a little over two years ago I replaced my phone, as it was failing. The microphone wasn’t working, so I couldn’t talk on calls. The screen had dead spots, so texting was a huge hassle. And the speakers were extremely quiet. So of course it was time to find something new.

I did some research, and looking at my finances decided on getting the Samsung Note 4. When it worked it was a great phone. However when it arrived the battery it came with wouldn’t charge, nor would it allow the phone to boot all the way. That should have been my first clue.

So I purchased a new battery. It worked after that, until the phone eventually started acting funny a few months later. Random reboots, some apps not working, and of course the GPS just failing altogether. After removing the case to see if something had come loose inside, I noticed the back of the phone bulging.

Thinking that couldn’t be good, I took off the back cover and noted the swollen battery inside. Oh dear, I nearly let this phone kill me, or at least burn me. So another battery was purchased, and that seemed to resolve most issues. The GPS was still flaky, but I wasn’t using it most of the time anyway.

A little while later a bulge appeared, and another battery purchased. Even after that the phone still would crash randomly, but for the most part it was working. But yet again the bulge appeared, and those batteries that didn’t, as I was given a few batteries from friends and co-workers from their old phones, wouldn’t hold a charge anymore. And even when they did it was only a fraction of what they should. And even more apps started failing. Email no longer would work half the time, and texting would crash. Even opening the kindle app now slowed the phone to a crawl.

So what to do?

Well for now I’m back to that old phone whose microphone doesn’t work, and texting is a hassle. However it runs well otherwise. But this is only a stop-gap, simply so I don’t have a little explosion in my pocket waiting to happen.

It’s weird to go back to such a small phone though. All the icons seem to take up way more real-estate than they should, and since the dead spots on the screen react strangely any press of a finger could send a text or email, or delete everything I’ve written.

So looking at my finances once more, I ordered something from China. It’ll take a long time to get here, as anyone who has ordered from that country can attest. So until then, I’m on a phone that I can’t take calls on, and whose texting abilities are difficult at best. But at least I can read books on it, and listen to podcasts. Well, listen is a bit of a stretch, but at least it has blue tooth that works in the car and a headphone jack that seems to still work!

Otherwise I’m still editing. And the co-author has been able to do some editing as well. They’re fleshing out the story as they go too, so there will be new things for me to look at when I get back to the spot they’ve gone over.

So with that, I’m off again. I do hope you have a good week, and may your phones not attempt to kill you.

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