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Howdy folks. I’m back once more.

Well, because I was curious, I took a look back at Goodreads to see how many books I’ve read recently. Since February I’ve read around 27 books.

Now you may ask why such an arbitrary date. Simply put that’s when I got back on the bandwagon of reading every week. With a new job/position I felt invigorated to read again. Admittedly before then I was still reading things, articles and even manga, but only once in a while would I pick up a book.

The two years before this February I only read around 16 books in total. A huge slow down for me. Though it had been that way for a while. Once I sold my house and moved into an apartment, I wasn’t buying books often. I still longed for the touch of a physical book, so I didn’t go out of my way to read a purely digital version. But now that’s over.

Even without the Kindle Unlimited offer I took I’d still be consuming the written word. I can’t get enough, and I’m excited to find interesting stories I’ve never read before. Of course now and again I’ll peruse some old favorite, but right now I want something new and exciting.

Luckily I’ve been able to find quite a number of lovely books. Some are well written and interesting, others are simply interesting. I may not agree with the messages some are obviously fronting, but still it’s always fascinating to see how some people justify, or reason their way into believing such things. So I’ll keep reading.

A book, at least to me, is a glimpse into another persons mind. It may not be what they think about our world, but it does show how they think. Or at least how they think other people think given the stimuli they write into a story.

This is very valuable. It helps me write, and it helps me try to understand everyone I talk to. There are so many ways we can think, and if we can all see those paths we have a greater chance of understanding one another.

It’s my wish that all problems can be solved with conversations, but that of course depends on the disagreement. Living in a world of resource scarcity can lead to violent outcomes when things can’t be shared in a way that both sides can survive, but anything else should be handled via dialogue. But unfortunately most strife is due to the limited nature of our production, if not simply resources. If that could be solved we’d have a greater chance at a utopia. Though I’m doubtful of that, since at least in my opinion, we are a people who grow in strife.

But all that aside, the book is going well. I’m nearly done with my third run through of edits. At the end of this run I may start work on another book, while I let the co-author have a go. I’ve a few books I want to get back to, and a few more that I want to start. We’ll just see which one strikes my fancy at the time.

With that I leave you once more. Have a great week.

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