Reading Renewed

Hello all, I’ve returned.

So what shall I talk about this week? I’m not sure I’ve much to say. The only thing I’ve done is edit and read books.

It has been said if you don’t have time to read, you don’t have time to write. I’ve taken that to heart, though I did drift away from traditional books for a few years. Mostly I was reading manga; Japanese comics. However I started noticing myself loosing interest after a few months of that. But then I’d read a book, and find I didn’t have much time for the long form written word. I should have gone on to short stories, but I’ve never been a huge fan, though I like the big ideas that can be implemented rapidly.

I drifted from book to book, not really fully invested. Only having a few minutes here and there didn’t help. So I’d bounce back to manga. Even they started to lose my interest. Eventually I just forced myself to read books. At first it was slowly, but now I’m back to near full strength. I’ll finish a book in a week or two now instead of one taking nearly a month.

The only downside to that is I’m never sure what to read next. I’ve been looking to award winners, and for the most part I’ve enjoyed those. Though to be sure I think some of them win either because the author is already famous for something else, or the ideas in them are so interesting they can’t be ignored. Even if they aren’t as well written as they could be. But hey, I’ll like what I like, and other people can like things differently.

Also I’ve implemented a fix for being bored. At least for me. I’ll read science-fiction, and if I feel bored of that style I’ll switch to fantasy. Those being my two favorite genres. Mostly I like science-fiction, so I tend to read more of that these days, but it’s nice to relax in fantasy for a bit. Maybe to get the feeling of wish fulfillment, before treading the waters of possible futures. Fantasy also seeming to be better suited for comedic writing, though I’ve read a few sci-fi that were more humor than science.

Then again that may just be my own preference when it comes to sci-fi. I like it more realistic, and serious, though I’m not opposed to funny quips here and there. But again, fantasy can be serious as well, like Wheel of Time, or Song of Ice and Fire. But after those I’d try to read something more humorous. Again, that’d be mostly fantasy, and usually written for a younger audience, though not always.

As it is, I hope if you are having a difficult time plodding through a book, maybe take a break and read something else. Something different and fun. Or if you are tired of comedy, try something serious. I find bouncing back and forth alleviates the boredom, and things seem more original.

Until next time, go out and read something. Anything really. Just don’t stop. A book is a portal to another world, and a different perspective. The more you read, the better you are at finding things to think about.


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