Patience in Editing

Greetings all. I’ve returned, albeit a day late.

I had to work yesterday, and a day shift at that. So I didn’t get a chance to sit down and do anything but that. It was a twelve-hour shift, because of the holiday, so when I did finally get home I was wiped.

I’ll say this though, the editing is progressing well. The co-author has begun formatting chapter titles and the like. Seeing that, I’ve been implementing the formating as I go along as well. Already I’ve gotten up to chapter eight again, though I didn’t number them the first pass through. I didn’t even name them last time. I wanted to get them read through first. Now that I can look at them as a whole, titles are coming to me. Though admittedly the co-author began titling when they began their pass through first.

They’ve changed a few things, nothing huge. I went and read through what they’ve done before I went forward with where I left off. I did a bit of editing there, but didn’t change much. I know I’ll be seeing those chapters a few times more when I go back again, and it helps to have some distance from the previous read anyway.

That’s another thing about editing. You need some distance. If you simple editing a chapter the next day or week you’ll miss things. You’ll read it like you meant it, but not see the missing words you needed to put in. Now I usually edit the previous writing session before I begin the next section, but that is really me getting myself up to speed with where I am in the story. That helps to limit those missing words that might be forgotten, but it’s no substitute for real editing.

So don’t be impatient. If you really want to have something polished, take your time. Time is the friend of a good book. While some people might be able to read their own words and find mistakes easily, I say they are more likely than not to miss things. But you’ll miss less if you’ve taken time to do other things. Or like in my case, don’t work on the same section of writing over and over, back to back.

It also helps to have other people edit. I’m very lucky to have a co-author this time, and I was lucky before to have a few editors. I’m excited to see what we finally end up with, though currently I’m quite happy with what we have. Of course it’ll need that polishing I’m talking about. That’s why I tend to thoroughly read, and re-read, edit, and re-edit. At the very least I want to go through this book four times before handing it off for perhaps more thorough editing. But we’ll see what the future holds.

I’ve already added around a thousands words. I mentioned that there was a bit missing in a section, so I put in a little something more. This is likely to happen at least one more time, so that’ll add in more passes that I’ll need to do. However the story is flowing well, and I want to make sure that continues.

So with that, I’ll leave you. I hope perhaps some of my words encourage your own work, whatever that is. I’ll talk to you again next time. Have a great week.


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Update: An estimated 30% into editing

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