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Howdy folks, I’ve returned.

Another week has passed, and I’m filled with excitement for writing. That excitement does come and go, but even if I’m not feeling especially motivated I still write. I think that is something that isn’t thought about by most new writers. Perhaps they think they’ll only be able to write if the mood is right, but really to finish what you’ve started you have to keep going even when you don’t feel like it. It has been said by others, and I find that it is correct. So here I’ve said it again in hopes that it can motivate others even when they don’t feel the spark of creativeness.

So what have I been up to? Well I finished the Punisher Netflix series. I wasn’t completely sure about it before I started. He wasn’t my favorite character in Daredevil, and I wasn’t too interested in seeing what they were going to do with him. However my misgivings were unfounded. They did a good job building up his backstory, while allowing that to create a world where he functions. A world filled with disillusioned former soldiers. And while I wasn’t completely sold on the actor they cast for the Punisher, by the end I can’t see anyone else playing such a broken man. A hardened soldier left with nothing after his family is killed, he seeks to end the evil in the world. One death at a time.

This vigilante isn’t here for the justice of the law, he is here simply to end injustice. His methods are permanent, and he has gone about it by murdering any he sees as harming the innocent. Jaded by the same government who’s orders he took blindly for years, he no longer feels they serve the people. In that vein he refuses to seek their aid, as he no longer trust them to do the right thing.

Fortunately for him and us the viewer he hasn’t made a mistake in judgment, and has only killed those that are evil, or those that blindly work for said evil. If there had been mistakes he might have had to reevaluate his world view, but he apparently does his homework. There are very few shades of gray in this story, unless you count the Punisher. He is the gray, and he is aware of it, but he refuses to back down, as he is convinced he is correct. And while others may bring up that killing isn’t the right way, he never really seems to think about it.

In the end I enjoyed the show, though I think more scenes should have been dedicated to questioning the right and wrong of what he was doing. Some people he killed were merely doing their job, but I suppose he may have justified it. Soldiers to him are merely extensions of those that give orders. Still, I wasn’t always on his side, but I understand protecting yourself from those that have weapons pointed at you.

The trappings of military have always been interesting to me, when it serves a larger story. Take for instance Stargate SG1. Yes it’s a science fiction story about exploring other worlds, and alien cultures, it still has a military force at the head of said exploration. I think that served to further the story. As such, I think the same thing for the Punisher. Had he been simply a civilian serving up vigilante justice, it wouldn’t have worked as well. He was and is highly trained, and has a grudge against organizations such as the government. He can’t trust anyone, and that isolation after being apart of a team is really at the heart of the show. He misses his family, be they his wife and children or his unit, and wants to still trust in them, but always hesitates to fully do so. Caution is his way of life, and he holds himself away from others even while he attempts to protect them.

So yes, I recommend watching this show. It may not be my favorite marvel Netflix original, but it certainly was better than some. And he avoided being wrapped up in the miserable tonal mess that was the Defenders, so at least he’s got that going for him.

Until next time, have a good week.

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