Lost in Space

Hello all. Once more I have returned.

What is there to talk about this week? Hrm. Perhaps I’ll talk a little about Lost in Space. The one that is on Netflix now at least. The old one I watched years ago, and I was much younger then and can’t recall much of it. Otherwise I only have the movie to call upon. A movie that I liked enough to buy the DVD back when DVD’s were new. I can’t say it’s a masterpiece, but I still find it enjoyable enough.

This new incarnation is decent. I had some issues with characters not being the standard ones that were in the original, nor in the movie. For one Will isn’t the wunderkind that he was in those others, but I think it was suitable to let a child just be a well-educated. One who happens to have large fears, which one would at that age, and from having what appears to be a very protective mother. That and having the family be mixed with the eldest girl from a previous marriage. But if I were to complain a bit, it would be the military minded father taking a back seat to the scientist wife. In a situation in the unknown it would be more suited that he would have stepped up more than he did, but as the show went on you see his reasons. That and the situation changed to more of a day to day survival, rather than continuous emergencies.

These are small complaints, but the tone didn’t seem quite realistic. A funny thing to say about fiction, but the one thing that allows the viewer to connect with such outlandish situations is the normality, or the reasoning that can be understood behind character motivations. At least from the view point character. But in the end it didn’t kill my enjoyment, though it was off-putting early on.

So did I like the show? Yeah, it was decent. Am I waiting for my next fix eagerly? Meh, not really. But I’ll watch another season if and when it comes out. There are other things I’d watch before it, but if it’s the only thing on my list of shows out at the time, yeah, I’d watch it.

Other than that I caught up on the last season of Supernatural, and trudged my way back into watching A Series of Unfortunate Events. Oh Supernatural. Even with this 12th season that I just watched, you still manage to be entertaining. Though I think taking a bit of a break from it helped me enjoy it again.

As for A Series of Unfortunate Events, I like the rapid dialogue, even if it seems patronizing at times, but that’s mostly because the adults in the show are doing it towards the kids. I like the actors, and it is fun to watch, but now I realize I can’t just binge it. One episode at a time is as much as I’m willing to watch and enjoy, because having another right after seems to make it drag. For me at least.

I think that’s all I have to say this time. I finished another book, but I don’t have too much to say about it. If you want to get me feelings about such things you can always follow me on Goodreads, or just watch my twitter. When I rate something it tends to show up there.

Have a good week. I’ll talk to you soon.


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