LOTR and Star Wars


Hello again friends and readers. Another week has passed, and I’m back.

This last week was spent with me feeling sick. It started with a sore throat, then slowly grew into a runny nose and coughing fits. The worst of it was last Tuesday, as I find the sore throat the worst, but that went away in a day. I just had to put up with coughing for the rest of it. Today I’m mostly better, but I am still snuffling a bit now and again.

Since I had a bit of time to myself at night, I continued to try to find things to fill the time. I watched (omit) a few hours worth of Youtube, most of it from a person who wanted to talk about The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and then the Hobbit movies. Apparently to them LOTR is something like Star Wars to them. Not in tone or anything, but like a favorite set of movies from childhood. I was already in my twenties when they came out, so I guess that’s why I don’t feel the same, though I did like them when they came out. But they also hated the Hobbit movies. I assume in the way I dislike the Prequels that came after the original Star Wars Trilogy. Strange how they have so many parallels, not that they pointed this fact out.

Too much input or influence from the studio, or studios in the case of the Hobbit movies, seems to have hurt what could have been a good set of movies. Originally it was ment to just be two movies, and of course there was a shoehorned in romance with two characters that were not meant to exist, or at least not as they were presented. And of course the move away from focusing on the dwarves, and instead onto elves, or just looking at the lead dwarf. No more was it a journey of a group, it was a journey of a king looking for a kingdom and his gold. Too much CG, and rushed CG at that. There had been two years of work before they set to shoot the first scenes, but that was with another director, and his vision was scrapped when he was replaced with Peter Jackson. They had to start shooting almost immediately, with very little plan. No wonder it’s such a mess.

I can’t say I made it through all three movies. I wasn’t even paying much attention when I watched the second one. I was already disinterested, but I figured I should give it a try, but sadly it wasn’t very good, and I didn’t care enough to watch the third. And now knowing more about the behind the scenes that went on I care even less about doing so. I’ll stick with the original LOTR if I want my fantasy fix from that universe. Luckily I have them on DVD, but I guess I don’t have the same drive to re-watch them like I have with the Star Wars trilogy.

Speaking of Star Wars, I watched the Last Jedi this weekend. I can’t say it was perfect, but it was certainly better in most ways than the prequels. That isn’t saying much, but I don’t hate the fact that I watched it. That may change, but at least there was the scene with Yoda. That made it all worth while for me. Not because Yoda showed up, but because I think he had some great dialogue. The exchange with Luke and him felt genuine, and I can say if I do watch it again I’ll look forward to hearing his words of wisdom again. Mostly though I think it was too full of side plots that didn’t go anywhere, and most of those didn’t feel like Star Wars to me. But that’s just one persons perspective. Perhaps others feel differently, and maybe they enjoyed the spectacle, but to me Star Wars is about learning. Learning about yourself. Learning to control the force. Learning to control your emotions. Right actions, and not letting your feelings control you. But hey, again, that’s me.

But that’s about all I have to share now, so I’ll leave you to have a wonderful week. May the Force be with you, always.LOTR and Star Wars

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